My Unbiased Thrive Market Review (AND A Shopping List!)


Before I begin my official Thrive Market review, here are some things you should know…

First of all, I don’t know about you, but my dream grocery store is:

  • Convenient
  • Filled with healthy, natural, high-quality, great-tasting, and diverse products
  • Affordable

Before joining Thrive Market, I bounced around from Trader Joe’s to Whole Foods to Costco for all of my shopping needs.

Whole Foods has delicious, high-quality animal proteins and produce, but its items often come with a hefty price tag. (I mean, its nickname isn’t “Whole Paycheck” for nothing!)

Trader Joe’s is definitely cheaper, but the produce section is usually picked over.

Costco has great prices and and high-quality products, but I don’t always want to buy fifty 100% grass-fed beef patties! Sometimes I just want a few!!

Also, BTM (aka the dark ages “Before Thrive Market”), I’d also dabbled in other online grocery platforms like Amazon Fresh and Jet. Both are obviously convenient and offer thousands of options, but I was still paying more than I currently do shopping on Thrive.

After a full year with a Thrive membership, I’m ready to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly (but mostly good)!

Before I dive into the nitty gritty, you should know that I’m a brutally honest person. Thus, this review is 100% unbiased!

Here’s why Thrive Market has become my absolute fave place to shop…

My (Completely!) Unbiased Thrive Market Review

First off, the PROs…

PRO #1: Thrive Market is convenient.

You can shop on their website OR app. The app works surprisingly well compared to other retail apps I’ve used; both the website and app are intuitive and user-friendly.

As with all online shopping platforms, your order will be delivered to your doorstep. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

Also, it ships quickly. Anytime I’ve ordered from Thrive, I’ve received the box within 3-4 days.

Once you’ve placed an order, you can easily access your order history to re-purchase your favorite items. This saves a lot of time scrolling through all of the categories and site pages again.

Finally, Thrive uses the perfect amount of packaging, which means fewer trips to the recycling bin. The #1 reason I stopped shopping on is because they used an insane amount of boxes, bubble wrap, and ice packs. One time, I received a huge box that was loaded with plastic wrap, ice…and just one tiny package of frozen strawberries! It was so wasteful and obnoxious. Thrive packs its boxes juuuust right.

PRO #2: Thrive Market sells tons of healthy, all-natural, high-quality, great-tasting, diverse products.

For a full list of what I regularly order on Thrive, scroll to the bottom of this post!

Sneak peek: I only buy packaged food items that meet the following criteria:

  • Gluten-free
  • “Natural” flavors-free
    • Why? Food companies don’t need to list the chemicals they use in their “natural” flavoring. The Washington Post published a great article expanding on this idea: “Many of the chemicals that make up natural flavors fall under a category called ‘generally recognized as safe,’ or GRAS. An estimated 3,000 chemical food additives are in this category, yet this does not mean that these chemicals have been widely studied and approved by the FDA. Food companies do not need to disclose the ingredients of a natural flavor if all of the ingredients, which can be up to 100 in one flavor, fall into the GRAS category.”
  • “Vegetable” oil-free
  • Low in sugar
  • Free from preservatives (like emulsifiers and gums) and artificial sweeteners

Thrive Market contains hundreds of products that meet the above specifications, and their inventory is growing each day. (Seriously—I can’t keep up!)

The other great news is this: The healthy, natural products I buy from Thrive taste amazing. I’m not willing to eat something that tastes like cardboard, so I’ve been extremely impressed by the high-quality, great-tasting items they sell.

Aside from food, Thrive also sells organic wines, nontoxic detergents/cleaning products, natural makeup, and more! (Again, to see the brands/products I regularly purchase, keep scrolling!)

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PRO #3: Thrive Market is oh-so affordable!

At first I was skeptical, so before I purchased any item on Thrive I’d compare its price on and at Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s.

To my amazement, the results of my my first-hand sleuthing proved that products are almost always cheapest on Thrive! There was only the rare occasion that I’d find something at a cheaper price elsewhere.

PRO #4: Thrive Market can help you adhere to your healthy eating goals.

Since I barely shop for fridge/pantry staples in regular ol’ grocery stores anymore, I don’t spend as much time meandering down the candy/cookie/chip/cracker/you-name-it aisle anymore.

Less browsing = less buying = healthier eating!

As mentioned, Thrive’s “order history” is a fantastic feature. Once you’ve placed an order of all the good stuff, you can easily reorder the same items again and again and again and…you get the idea!

Further, Thrive breaks their products into popular diet needs, like “paleo,” “keto,” “Whole 30 approved,” “gluten-free,” etc. These optional filters make healthy shopping much easier!

PRO #5: Thrive Market gives you a FREE gift with every qualifying purchase (which is most of them).

That’s right! The free gifts rotate among categories, but they offer all types.

I’ve gotten free chips, books, nut butter, makeup, pork rinds, jerky…and more!

At checkout, just be sure to click the option for “free gift” on the site/app.

PRO #6: Thrive Market gives back.

For every paid membership, Thrive donates a membership to a low-income family, veteran, or teacher. I love that the company prioritizes affordable healthy living for everyone.

Honestly, I’m more in love with Thrive than any other online shopping platform (even Amazon…blasphemy, I know!).

I’ve been racking my brain for “cons,” but I can only come up with one (and it’s not even a big issue)…

The one and only con: Not everything on Thrive Market is low in sugar, free from “vegetable” oils/preservatives/”natural” flavors, nontoxic, etc.

In conversations with friends, family, and acquaintances, I’ll hear statements like, “I got these healthy crackers from Whole Foods!” Then, I’ll look at the ingredients and notice that they contain subpar, unhealthy ingredients.

When shopping at any health food online/brick-n-mortar store, it can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking everything is nutritious and nontoxic. Most items in those stores are likely better than any run-of-the-mill grocery store, but they’re not all the best!

So, don’t enter into a Thrive membership thinking you can buy anything on the site and be good to go. You’ll still have to read the Nutrition Facts and Ingredients List on any item before purchasing to be sure you’re buying the most amazing things.

Fortunately, Thrive makes this easy. (As I said, this isn’t even a true con!) Under every single product, Thrive clearly lists the ingredients and nutrition information. Everything is soooo transparent!

This “con” is the reason I’m providing you with a shopping list to get you started. I’ve done oodles of Thrive reconnaissance over the past year, so you can trust that all of the below are top-notch!

Thrive Market Review: The Ultimate Shopping List

Pantry/Fridge Staples

All of these items are tasty while still being preservative-free, “natural” flavors-free, “vegetable” oil-free, artificial sweetener-free, gluten-free, and low in sugar! B

Basically, they’re some of the healthiest brands/products out there!

Note: When you click through the links below, you may want to search to see if the brands offer new flavors/products. As I mentioned, Thrive is always adding new items, so when you’re shopping you’ll probably find even more than what’s listed below!

Just remember to check the Ingredient List and Nutrition Facts of any item not on this list before you buy it to be the most informed consumer 😉





  • Coconut Chips (again just FYI, these don’t taste like coconut)


  • Savory Snack Mix (you could add some of the above chocolate chips to this snack mix for some sweetness!)














Legumes (like beans) contain lectins; some people are extra sensitive to lectins in the same way others are sensitive to gluten.

Read more about issues people have with lectins from expert Dr. Gundry here.

All of the beans below are Eden brand, which are lectin-free!

Here’s Eden’s official statement about the issue: “Eden canned beans are washed and patiently soaked in stainless steel soaking tanks (a very rare step in the bean canning industry). The soaking water is discarded. The soaked beans are steam blanched and rinsed before being pressure-cooked for a specified amount of time depending upon the bean variety. Pressure cooking beans thoroughly inactivates lectins.”


All of the below are Cybele’s Free to Eat grain-free, superfood veggie pastas! (Click here for a low-sugar, organic marinara sauce.)


Nontoxic Makeup + Skincare

I only use makeup/skincare that rates a 0-2 on Environmental Working Group’s (EWG’s) Skin Deep database. To learn why, visit my prior posts “Toxic Skincare And Makeup: Are Your Products Safe?” and “Nontoxic Makeup Exists…And It’s Incredible!”

Thrive sells dozens of cost-effective, EWG-verified makeup/skincare products!


  • Click here to browse. (I selected “EWG-Verified” from the choices on the left, but you can select other filters like “Vegan,” “Cruelty-Free,” etc., to narrow your search!)


  • Click here to browse. (Again, I selected “EWG-Verified,” but you can choose additional or different filters.)

Nontoxic Laundry/Cleaning/Dishwashing Products

EWG also has a “Guide to Healthy Cleaning,” which I consult before purchasing any soaps.

Here are some that have an “A” rating on EWG and are sold on Thrive!




Nontoxic Bathroom Staples

These are all EWG-verified.




High-Quality Animal Protein

Thrive sells boxes of grass-fed, grass-finished beef, pastured pork, organic chicken, and sustainable seafood. They ship the meat/fish frozen, so you can either cook it immediately or freeze it. Check it out by clicking here!

Organic/Natural Wine

Last but not least…Thrive now sells affordable cases of clean wine!

To learn why drinking organic/natural wine is important, read my prior post “You Buy Everything Else Organic…So Why Not Wine?”

Click here to browse Thrive’s wine selection.

I hope this list helps you as you continue your own Health Investment journey! If you decide to join Thrive and purchase any of the above, let me know by tagging me on Instagram (@thehealthinevestment) and letting me know what you think!

Finally, if you have questions/comments about my Thrive Market review or items on my grocery list, let me know below! I love hearing from you 🙂

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