If you wanna ditch the weight loss roller coaster forever…you’re in the right place!

When you make The Health Investment, you’ll finally be able to eat your way to WELLth—aka rich, lasting health!


Diets, fads, ‘n calorie counting apps DON’T. WORK. LONG-TERM.

(as I’m sure you already know)

Why? For soooo many reasons, but namely:

  • They’re one-size-fits-all approaches that aren’t personalized for your lifestyle or unique dietary needs
  • And since personalization is absolutely necessary for sustainability, they’re not sustainable
  • Oh yeah, and they suck the fun out of food—and life, for that matter! 

I mean, who actually wants to drink their food (juice cleanses, I’m lookin’ at you!), count every single calorie through a phone app, and/or restrict entire food groups ‘til the end of time? Not I!

In the past, you’ve probably turned to these diets/fads/apps to get healthier or lose weight, which is commendable! 

But when your results didn’t last, your good intentions didn’t either. Feeling hopeless and bummed, you lapsed back into your usual routine, wishing it didn’t have to be so hard. Ugh!

The reason I know all of the above is because I’ve been there.

In my own quest to optimize my health, weight, and nutrition, I’ve tried it all. But the hamster wheel of quick “fixes” wore me out. 

Deciding that there must be a better way, I began a deep dive into nutrition research. In fact, my dive got soooo deep that I ended up quitting my job as a high school English teacher to become a certified nutrition coach! 

After years of experimenting on myself and soaking up allllll of the info I possibly could from medical journals, podcasts, articles, and courses, I’ve finally figured out what actually works. I call this “making The Health Investment.”

I’ve made The Health Investment…and so can YOU!

When you do, you’ll finally be able to eat your way to WELLth!