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“I no longer have intense cravings, I can read my hunger cues, I feel more full on less food, I have more energy, and I’ve lost 20 pounds!”

Since you’ve been eating 3x/day since birth, it feels like you should understand how to fuel your body properly and maintain a healthy weight, but *real life* keeps getting in the way and derailing your progress.

On top of that, social media and news headlines just loooove to confuse you. Should you intermittent fast? Cut back on carbs? Track calories? Join WW again? Avoid seed oils and artificial sweeteners?

With so much information at your fingertips and so many diets to choose from, eating right, losing weight, and getting healthier feels tougher than ever…

but it doesn’t have to! 

When you work with me, you get to STOP feeling frustrated and confused and START getting results that last!!


Nutrition Coach specializing in evidence-based, sustainable weight loss.

Unlike restrictive, one-size-fits-all diets that only provide short-term results, I help you adopt science-backed nutrition & lifestyle habits that work for your unique likes, dislikes, and time constraints so you can lose weight permanently, have high energy throughout the day, feel completely in control of cravings, and stick with healthy habits long-term!

In my group and one-on-one coaching programs, I empower you to make science-backed behavior changes + transformational mindset shifts so you can ditch yo-yo dieting and lose weight for good.

Whether it’s the challenges of parenting, the impact of the pandemic, or the hormonal changes that come with (peri)menopause, I’ve got you covered. 

Each of my programs is designed to help you overcome any obstacles…because you don’t live in a bubble! Life’s always gonna try to throw you off track, which is why it’s important to create a set of flexible, realistic habits that work for your unique likes, dislikes, and time constraints.

Let’s create a personalized plan that works just for you so that healthy choices can become effortlesseven when “real life” gets in the way!


“Other programs I tried felt like a lot of work that would ultimately need to be done over. Brooke makes eating healthy and losing weight unbelievably approachable, easy, and enjoyable. And without even realizing it, she also builds your confidence that you can make good choices.”

When you learn my flexible approach, you’ll be able to enjoy foods you love while still making progress towards your goals. (Because what’s a life without ice cream and nachos?!)

I’ll teach you how to strike the right balance between indulgence and nourishment so that you can savor every bite without guilt; navigate social situations, weekends, and special occasions with ease; and feel empowered to make smart choices that support your long-term success.

If you’re ready to say “SEE YA!” to temporary fixes and start living a healthy, active lifestyle you’re proud of, let’s work together!


“For anyone on the fence, let me push you right over it. I worked with Brooke and she is amazing! I myself was skeptical but I had tried on my own for so long, thinking I could figure it out. Brooke helps frame the landscape of ‘dieting’ and balance the mental and physical aspects in such a way that makes it easy. She helped me weed through a lot of the BS; her approach is science- and evidence-based. Jump on board, either directly [one-on-one] or in her group. You won’t regret it!”