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EPISODE 48 | Think weight loss has to be difficult, exhausting, and un-fun? THINK AGAIN! In reality, losing weight—and keeping it off forever!—comes down to the small, simple choices we make each day. What you do MOST of the time matters waaaaay more than what you do just SOME of the time, but it’s important to learn the most bang-for-your-buck tweaks so that your success can be inevitable and sustainable. In this quick “bite-sized” episode, I share 5 small, simple changes you can start making TODAY to lose weight—and actually keep it off! Enjoy!!

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Hello, Health Investor!

Welcome back to another episode of The Health Investment Podcast!

You may have noticed this episode is quite short…cause it’s another bite-sized one!

In addition to interviewing doctors, nutrition coaches, founders of health-promoting companies, etc., I also do solo Q&A episodes (like last week’s!) AND solo “bite-sized” episodes where I share helpful tips and insights relating to nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, and mindset.

Today, I’m going to share 5 small, simple changes you can make to lose weight.

SMALL, SIMPLE changes are my FAVORITE type of changes because they’re sustainable.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight—and keep it off—this episode is for YOU!

Let’s get right to the changes, shall we?

Change #1: Be mindful of the calories + sugar you’re DRINKING.

A cup of black coffee usually has about 5 calories.

But are you adding sugar, milk or other creamers to your coffee?

What about green juices and smoothies? Are you drinking those regularly?

And what about fruit juice? 

And soda?

A grande Frappuccino from Starbucks may not seem like much on its own, but if you’re in the habit of drinking high-caloric, sugary beverages day after day, they can REALLY add up. 

If your goal is weight loss, you’ll want to stick to low- or zero-calorie, sugar-free drinks, like water, seltzer, tea, and black coffee.

If you like to add a little somethin somethin to your coffee, stick to a splash of heavy cream, half & half, or whole milk.

If non-dairy milks are your thing, be sure to read the ingredients. Some non-dairy milks—like oat milk—can contain LOTS of sugar. 

Even though fruit juices, green juices, and green smoothies are marketed as “health” drinks, they’re usually just calorie- and sugar-bombs. So look out! Be a smart consumer!

Instead of drinking a glass of fruit juice, opt for a piece of whole fruit so that you’ll get more fiber.

Instead of buying a green juice, make your own green smoothie at home and add protein powder. That way it can serve as a satiating meal replacement!

Change #2: Stop eating standing up, out of boxes and bags.

When you eat standing up in your kitchen, directly out of boxes and bags, it’s very difficult to be mindful of portion control.

In fact, it’s difficult to be mindful of anything!

Are you still hungry? Or are you satisfied? Are you even enjoying your snack? Or are you just eating it as fast as possible?

When we eat mindLESSly, it’s easy to consume more calories than we would if we were eating mindFULLy.

So, mindFUL eating is always the goal!

To eat more mindfully, make a habit out of using bowls and plates—even for quick snacks!

And, when you eat your snacks, SIT DOWN and actually ENJOY them.

This tip may seem too simple, but I promise you—it goes a long way!

Sometimes, in the process of taking out the bag, grabbing a bowl, pouring the snack into the bowl, walking over to your table—at some point in that process, you may realize you’re not even hungry. Maybe you were just bored or restless, so maybe you’ll go for a walk or call a friend instead.

Try this for yourself and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

Change #3: Eat more protein.

The general recommendation is to eat .36 grams of protein per pound of your body weight.

This isn’t a steadfast rule, but it’s a good starting place.

So, go ahead and calculate that number for yourself…

And start aiming to reach it each day.

When I first calculated my daily protein goal—55 grams—I thought to myself, “That’s not so much! I’m sure I’m eating that!”

BUT…I was wrong!!

I was only eat 10-20 grams of protein each day.

Once I started eating around 55 grams each day, I felt SO much more full—and so much less “snacky”!

You see, protein is satiating. In fact, it’s the most satiating macronutrient!

So, the more protein you eat, the more satiated you’ll feel..which means you’ll eat less!

Wondering HOW to eat more protein? 

I have a free guide called “What TO Eat To Lose Weight.” In it, I list dozens of protein options in a table that you can hang on your fridge! 

I’ll link it in the show notes so that you can easily download it. I hope you find it useful!

Change #4: Focus on VOLUME (water + veggies).

When your stomach stretches a bit, ghrelin (your “hunger hormone”) decreases and leptin (your “satiety hormone”) increases.

That’s why a protein bar—even though it’s likely the perfect balance of protein, fiber, carbs, and fat—may not fill you up! One protein bar probably won’t stretch your stomach.

The BEST way to boost volume is through VEGGIES and WATER.

Whenever possible, eat veggies—as sides, as snacks, or even as entrees. Load up!

Also, drink tons of water.

When you purposely work on eating more veggies and drinking more water, you’ll see what I mean—your stomach will stretch a bit, so you’ll feel more full…and that feeling will last.

Change #5: Shift your mindset.

When it comes to weight loss, people talk about counting calories, macros, and points; exercising; dieting; juice cleansing; etc.

No one really talks about mindset.

To attain and sustain your weight loss goal, you’ve gotta stop thinking and using phrases like:

  • Diet starts Monday.
  • I fell off the wagon.
  • I was doing well until the weekend.
  • I ruined my diet.

Once you lose weight, you’re gonna have to maintain it—so this is a LIFELONG venture.

If you don’t get your mindset right, you’re gonna yo-yo or rollercoaster or whatever-you-wanna-call-it…forever!

Here’s the new mindset I want you to adopt: “As long as I take consistent, imperfect action, my success will be inevitable and sustainable.”

I’m gonna say it again—should you write it down??

“As long as I take consistent, imperfect action, my success will be inevitable and sustainable.”

Once you swap the aforementioned negative, self-defeating mindsets with that positive, realistic one, everything changes.

One “bad” weekend doesn’t cause you to give up.

One scoop of ice cream doesn’t completely derail your diet.

You expect to be imperfect—and you know that success is just one small, simple change around the corner!

Consistency is key; what you do MOST of the time matters waaaay more than what you do some of the time.

So if you want your weight loss to be inevitable and sustainable, you’ve gotta prioritize consistency and make room for imperfection!

To summarize, the 5 small, simple changes you can make to lose weight (and keep it off!) are:

  1. Be mindful of the calories + sugar you’re drinking.
  2. Stop eating standing up, out of boxes and bags.
  3. Eat more protein.
  4. Focus on volume (veggies + water).
  5. Shift your mindset.

I hope this quick episode was helpful. If you think a friend or family member could benefit from everything you’ve just heard, share this episode with them!

Let’s get these ideas out to as many people as possible so that sustainable weight loss is possible for EVERYONE!!

Thanks for being here with me today—see you next week!


5 Small, Simple Changes For Lasting Weight Loss