How To ACTUALLY Stop/Shorten A Cold With Zinc Acetate


Have you heard that zinc can stop a cold in its tracks? Well, it can and it can’t. There are different forms of zinc, and not all have equal cold-fighting abilities. In fact, most of the zinc lozenges on drugstore shelves are completely useless…so stop wasting your $$$!

Don’t worry. I’ve found a brand of zinc lozenges that can actually stop/shorten colds. They are (drum roll please!)…

Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Acetate Lozenges

Each Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenge contains 18.75 mg of zinc acetate. Most over-the-counter zinc lozenges (like the popular brands Cold-EEZE and Zicam) contain low levels of zinc gluconate.

According to Chris Masterjohn, PhD and independent researcher:

The only forms of zinc that are effective [for fighting colds] are zinc acetate and zinc gluconate. If it’s any other form, it’s useless. But acetate is twice as effective as gluconate, so yeah you’ll get some benefit from something like Cold-Eeze, which supplies zinc gluconate, but you’re going to get twice the benefit if you use something that supplies zinc acetate. It’s got to have a lot of zinc in the lozenge. If it’s taking 20 to 30 minutes to dissolve in your mouth, you want 15, 18, 20 milligrams of zinc in there to be able to be effective.

Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Lozenges take about 20 minutes to dissolve and, as previously mentioned, contain a substantial amount of zinc acetate, which is twice as effective as zinc gluconate!

Want to read the research that supports these claims? Here ya go!

In my deep dive into the zinc rabbit hole, I also learned that our bodies maintain a delicate balance of zinc and copper. Therefore, taking high doses of zinc while trying to stop/shorten a cold can upset that balance. 

On this topic, Chris Masterjohn writes:

The amount of zinc you’d take through three days of taking these lozenges every two hours to kill a cold, is going to be quite a lot. So I think that while you’re taking it, it’s not a bad idea to take 2, 4 maybe 6 milligrams of copper per day just to protect against the possibility of zinc causing a copper deficiency. But then as soon as you’re done taking the lozenges, stop the copper supplementation as well.

While using Life Extensions lozenges, I’m careful to supplement with copper. I like Pure Encapsulations supplements because they’re…pure!

My personal experience using Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Acetate Lozenges:

I’m a teacher at an all-boys high school and I ride the NYC subway, which means I’m exposed to germs ALL. THE. TIME. I also don’t have the best immune system (read: I made a poor career choice). Generally, I get 2-3 colds each fall/winter. However, I discovered the Life Extension lozenges (and all of the research to back them up!) a couple of months ago, and they’ve revolutionized my life!

Three months ago, in the era I’ll forever know as BZ (Before Zinc), I caught a really bad cold and felt sick for about ten days. It was terrible.

Two months ago—right around the time I learned about Life Extension’s lozenges—I started to get a sore throat, headache, and sinus pressure. Yes, another cold was coming on! I should have had the lozenges on hand to start taking them at the first sign of symptoms, but I had to order them on Amazon and wait two whole days for their arrival! Once they arrived (third day of my cold), I took one lozenge every two waking hours for three days. (Note: The directions state that you’re not supposed to exceed 8 lozenges in a 24-hour period. Also, it’s not advisable to take high doses of zinc for more than three days. If taken improperly, too much zinc can have negative side effects.)

Chris Masterjohn writes that it’s critical to start taking zinc acetate on the first or second day of symptoms. If taken beyond that, they’re less/not effective. So, I didn’t stop that cold in its tracks, but I possibly shortened its duration. In total, I only felt sick for about six days, which was definitely better than my first ten-day cold. I’ll take it!

A few weeks ago, most of my coworkers and students were sick. There was another awful cold spreading around campus. Fortunately, I was prepared! At the first sign of my own scratchy throat, I started taking the lozenges round the clock (again, following all directions on the package). For the first time ever, I was one of the only people to escape sickness completely!

Now that I’m living in this new-and-improved AZ (After Zinc) era, I’ll never look back!

The trick is this: I keep Life Extension’s lozenges on hand so that I’ll never again have to wait two whole days for their arrival! Two-day shipping just isn’t quick enough when it comes to stopping a cold!

Bottom line: Zinc acetate can stop/shorten the duration of any cold if taken properly. Now that I’ve discovered the Life Extension Enhanced Zinc Acetate Lozenges, I’ll always keep them on hand!

NOTE: Before incorporating any new supplement into your routine, it’s important to consult with your doctor. Too much zinc (taken over the course of one day or multiple days) can cause side effects and/or interact with other medications. 

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How To Actually Stop/Shorten A Cold With Zinc Acetate