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In my 90-day, VIP 1:1 coaching program, I give you the high-touch guidance, accountability, and support you’ve been needing to master the *skill* of weight loss/maintenance and lose 5-50 pounds permanently.


“My three favorite things about the 1:1 coaching program are Brooke, Brooke, and Brooke! I always looked forward to our chats and felt like I was visiting with a friend. It never felt like I was being checked up on. If someone isn’t sure if 1:1 coaching is for them, I can understand that. I would have felt the same way before too and might have thought of it as unnecessary or a splurge. It is definitely an investment in your well being, your confidence, your LIFE. You will feel like you are in control of your health and wellness!” – Rochelle K. 

“I lost 10 pounds during my time working with Brooke, and my pants definitely fit better. I’m much more conscious of what I buy at the grocery store and what foods will fill me up without fattening me up. Without Brooke, I would’ve continued trying different things I’d find on the internet with short-term success at best. I’m confident that the changes I’ve made to my overall diet and nutrition habits are ones that I can maintain for years to come!” – John B.


  • We talk every ~10 days for 90 days (9 calls total)
  • Before our first call, you fill out a questionnaire to help me understand your current challenges, likes, dislikes, preferences, and lifestyle
  • During calls, we discuss what’s currently working for you, what’s challenging, any Q’s you have, and evidence-based habit tweaks + mindset shifts that’ll help you achieve your long-term goals
  • After each call, I email you a summary of what we discussed, as well as personalized recipes, resources, and anything else that’ll make your weight loss + nutrition journey easier and more enjoyable
  • Between calls, we communicate via a photo food journal (optional), text, and/or email—you can reach out to me anytime!
  • BONUS: When you sign up for my 90-day, VIP 1:1 coaching program, you get 6 months FREE inside The Health Investment group coaching program ($420 value) so that you get extra support throughout our time together…and beyond!

Got Q’s? No problem! Email me and ask anything: