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If you still have 5-50+ pounds that just. won’t. budge. after years of keto, Nutrisystem, intermittent fasting, master cleanses, WW, Peloton-ing, Noom, Whole30’s, apple cider vinegar gummies, obsessive calorie counting, green juice “cleanses,” soul-sucking gym sessions, sugar “detoxes,” and _________ [what did I miss??]…

It’s NOT because you lack self-control, willpower, or dedication. 

YOU are not the problem. Let me explain…

You’d give your left arm to say “It’s a lifestyle, NOT a diet” and actually mean it, but you have trouble sticking with healthy habits for longer than a few weeks.

That’s not to say you haven’t tried. You’ve tried it ALL:

Eating less, moving more.

Cutting out carbs and sugar.

Counting points, macros, and calories.

Buying expensive gym equipment.

Avoiding processed food and alcohol.

Drinking more water and less soda.

Eating small meals every 2-3 hours.

Having better willpower + self-control.

But despite your best efforts and intentions…

You STILL snack on unhealthy foods too much—especially late at night!

You STILL struggle with self-control and portion sizes.

You STILL gain the weight back once you stop dieting.

You STILL have to squish into your jeans.

You STILL haven’t cracked the code!

Instead of having the physique, health, energy, and confidence you crave, you’re left with a long list of diet “failures,” frustration that you haven’t been able to keep the weight off, and ZERO CLUE what to try next.

How do I know?

Cause. I’ve. Been. In. Your. Shoes.

Throughout my 20’s, I hopped from diet to exercise program to supplement to detox wanting more than anything to lose the 20 pounds I’d gained after college, keep ’em off, and feel like the BEST version of myself…

but I struggled to make it happen.

I spent my days restricting carbs and sugar, elliptical-ing, trying to have better willpower, counting the minutes until my next meal, and rationing snacks…

but all I had to show for it was stubborn belly fat, 4pm energy crashes, a closet of clothes that didn’t fit, and crazy intense cravings.

It took me 10+ years of trial, error, research, and coursework to figure out that the most effective, efficient way to lose weight permanently is by embracing 3 “critical A’s,” as I like to call them:


Most people (for years, myself included!) think there’s some defective, broken piece within them that’s preventing their desired results…

but the problem lies within the diets/programs/plans you’ve tried in the past that haven’t provided ONE, TWO, or ALL THREE of the critical A’s. (Yup, you read that right! Diets/plans/programs have failed YOU, not the other way around!!)

Here’s why ALL THREE critical A’s matter for sustainable weight loss:


You’ve spent (wasted?) A LOT of time, money, and energy on “quick fix” diets ‘n programs that only got ya short-term results…and now you’re more confused than ever, amirite??

To lose 5-50+ pounds permanently, you’ve gotta gain awareness of science-backed habits that actually work so you can focus allll of your time/money/energy on actions that matter and ignore the BS!


When it comes to sustaining your goal weight, high energy, and rockstar confidence, what you DO certainly matters, but it’s not as important as how you THINK. Your attitude matters most!

Once you adopt an “everything in moderation” mindset, you’ll be able to stop starting over every Monday and enjoy pizza, pasta, and ice cream without going off the rails!


Everyone will come up against challenges and have questions along their weight loss/maintenance journey, at which point most people turn to Google or social media. Big. Mistake.

Getting expert, evidence-based support + accountability every step of the way can boost your odds of keeping the weight off for good by a whopping 95%! That’s huge!!

Once I discovered that the 3A’s = the *magic pill* for any weight loss/maintenance journey…

I was finally able to drop those pesky 20 pounds for good; enjoy my favorite meals + cocktails without feeling guilty or gaining weight; STOP obsessing over food; and START showing up as my healthiest, happiest, most confident self…

but I didn’t want to keep this *magic pill* a secret!

I quit my 12-year teaching career, became a full-time Nutrition Coach, and created my holistic 3A Approach™ to help as many people as possible experience my same lasting results!

There’s no shame in trying allllll of the things you’ve tried in the past—cause this approach + my programs didn’t exist back then.

But now, it’s time to invest in yourself and your health.

Today’s the day to start fresh on a NEW path to long-term success!

If you’re ready to reach your body composition, nutrition, and health goals without restrictive food rules, juice cleanses, exercises you hate, or meal replacement shakes, I’m SO glad you’re here! ❤️


My holistic 3A Approach™ is the bedrock of my group and 1:1 coaching programs. Committed members of both have…

  • lost 15 pounds in just 3 months while enjoying all foods in moderation
  • continued to lose ~1 pound/week even after leaving the program
  • started to feel completely in control of their cravings and less snacky between meals
  • had steady energy throughout the day, avoiding the dreaded 4pm crash
  • developed a personalized nutrition strategy so they can stick with healthy habits long-term!
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Am I the right Nutrition Coach for YOU?

Probably, if…

✅ You’ve lost weight on diets but always gained it back—and then some!—cause you can’t stick to the strict food rules 

✅ You wanna lose 5-50+ pounds without giving up your social life, carbs, or wine (cause what’s life without happy hour?!)

✅ You’re currently at (or approaching) your heaviest weight and feeling bummed about it

✅ You wanna have the energy to do more “active” things—like going for a walk, working in the yard, and playing with your (grand)kids

✅ You’re dying to have a more *balanced* mindset around food so that you can enjoy ice cream and chips in moderation

Probably NOT if…

❌ You want to follow strict, unsustainable rules—like eating only 1,200 calories a day; avoiding ALL sugar, carbs, and alcohol; or replacing meals with bars/shakes

❌ You’re looking for a “quick fix” and aren’t ready to make lasting changes to your diet + lifestyle

❌ You aren’t committed to taking action

❌ You’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or are currently breastfeeding

❌ You don’t wanna pay for evidence-based guidance + 24/7 support and would prefer to keep Googling and trying things on your own


I guide you to adopt science-backed habits + an “everything in moderation” mindset—and provide 24/7 support + accountability every step of the way!

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Now, I know you’re thinking… 

“What makes Brooke’s programs different from eeeeeeeverything I’ve tried (and ‘failed’ at!) in the past??”

The answer is (can you guess?)…my holistic 3A Approach™!

Unlike restrictive, hard-to-follow diets/programs that only provide short-term results, I help you adopt science-backed habits + an “everything in moderation” mindset so you can finally lose 5-50+ pounds permanently, feel completely in control of cravings, have steady energy throughout the day, and stick with healthy habits long-term

and I’m right by your side the entire time, providing 24/7 support + accountability!

Depending on your budget, personality, and goals, you may be a better fit for my group coaching community OR my VIP 1:1 program. When you fill out + submit this application, I’ll be able to learn about your unique needs and send you more info on both!


I provide you with the evidence-based guidance + support + accountability you’ve been needing to finally drop those 5, 10, 15, or even 50+ pesky pounds for good!


Now you’re wondering (yes, I’m bit of a mind reader! 😜)… 

“How much does it cost to work with Brooke?”

A lot of people think the DIY route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be!

When it comes down to it, most people struggle to lose weight for good cause they’re missing just ONE of the critical A’s in my 3A Approach™: awareness of science-backed habit changes that actually work, an “everything in moderation” attitude, and/or accountability…

and when just ONE of the A’s is missing, it can be borderline impossible to lose 5-50+ pounds permanently.

I don’t even wanna think about how many dollars and hours I wasted in the 10+ years I spent trying to piece together a personalized, evidence-based nutrition + weight loss strategy on my own! If I could go back in time, get expert guidance from a coach, and see fantastic results in just months, I’d do it in a heartbeat!!

My group coaching community requires less of an investment than my VIP 1:1 coaching program, but committed members of both get insanely awesome, lasting results.

When you fill out + submit this application, I’ll be able to learn about your unique needs and send you more info on both!



If you want to be given strict rules and told everything you can’t eat, drink, or do, my programs ARE NOT the right fit for you.

But if you wanna join a program where the education, guidance, and *positive vibes* inspire you to make healthy changes—while continually being reminded that success doesn’t require perfection…

my programs ARE for you!


You’ve got Q’s…and I’ve got A’s!


I’m Brooke—Certified Nutrition Coach & Podcast Host

Before becoming a Nutrition Coach and world-famous podcast host (errr I may have embellished the “world-famous” part), I spent my days teaching high schoolers how to use commas and unpack themes in The Great Gatsby.

In my 12-year career as an English teacher, I got freakin’ good at breaking complex processes down into simple, understandable steps (if I do say so myself!).

Now, instead of doing that for books, I do it for topics I’m suuuuper passionate about: nutrition + weight loss!


If working with me sounds TOO good to be true, it’s because I’ve designed my group coaching community and VIP 1:1 program to be the best things since *Yellowstone!

If you’d told me 10 years ago that I could lose weight, keep it off for good, and feel better than everrrr WITHOUT giving up carbs + sugar + wine, exercising a ton, or counting the calories of everything I put in my mouth, I would’ve laughed in your face.

So if you’re feeling skeptical, I totally get it…but I’m not pulling your leg!

The research-backed info + support + accountability you get when you join my group coaching community or VIP 1:1 program will make it so that you’ll never have to pay for another coach, meal plan, or juice cleanse everrrr again.

Yup, I said it. When you work with me, you’ll be able to cross “lose weight” off your TO DO list once and for all! How cool is that?!

*If you don’t watch and LOVE Yellowstone, I’m sorry…we can’t be friends! 😜 

Now, it’s time to make a choice:

Continue to go it alone, wasting more precious time, money, and energy on diets ‘n programs you find on Google, Instagram, and Pinterest that we both know won’t work…


work with me to make the MOST important investment you’ll ever make: 

The Health Investment!

P.S.—If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me! (