Workplace Wellness

Most people don’t know how to get healthy for good since there are so many BS messages/methods out there.

Through one-on-one coaching and private events, I teach what ACTUALLY works for simple weight loss & sustainable wellness.

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If you’re interested in hosting a FREE on-site or *virtual event for your employees, shoot me an email—

*NOTE: I live in Oakland, CA, so I host on-site events in the Bay Area. For companies based elsewhere, I host virtual events via Zoom or Skype.

When you reach out, let me know if you’d like me to present on one of the topics below—or something completely different! I’m happy to tailor the event to match your employees’ interests.


  1. Making Healthier Choices: How To Decode Ingredients & Nutrition Facts Like A Pro!
  2. The Importance Of Holistic Wellness: Why You Shouldn’t View Nutrition And Fitness In A Vacuum
  3. “Healthy” Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: The Power Of Simple Swaps
  4. Let me know if you have something different in mind! 
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Questions? Just email me!—