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As you may know, I’m a certified nutrition coach, but I do NOT think nutrition is the be-all, end-all. When it comes to losing weight, having more energy, being more focused, and just overall optimizing your health, nutrition is certainly important.

BUT. Other factors matter just as much—if not MORE, at times.

That’s why I work my 1:1 coaching clients through an approach I call “N+”

Never heard of N+ before? That’s because I made it up!

N+ stand for nutrition PLUS sleep, stress management, movement, and mindset. If your goal is any one of the things I mentioned—weight loss, more energy, etc.—it’s important to focus on ALL FIVE of the N+ areas. When you optimize your nutrition, sleep, stress management, movement, AND mindset, THAT’s when you’ll see amazing results.

If you want to learn more about my N+ Approach, you can do an entire workshop on it! Episode 19 was a unique episode in which I recorded a workshop for you—a workshop I usually give to groups in person or via online webinars! If you go back to episode 19 (or visit, you’ll see that you can print out a handout AND follow along with a slideshow as you listen. By the end of the episode, you’ll have set tangible goals for yourself in the five N+ areas!

Today’s guest is the first of her kind on The Health Investment Podcast: she’s a stress expert, and I haven’t interviewed a stress expert yet!

As I mentioned, I truuuuuly believe—and research backs this belief up!—that you’ve gotta get your stress under control if you want to look and feel your best.

Courtney Elmer’s approach reeeeally appeals to me because she also speaks a lot about mindset—another of the N+ areas! This episode is a double whammy!!

As you’ll see, Courtney doesn’t believe in Band-Aid “fixes” for stress that we’re all sooooo sick of hearing by now. You know the ones I’m talking about? Journaling, getting a massage, taking a bubble bath…the list goes on. 

As the creator and founder of The EffortLESS Life™ Method, Courtney helps people break up with “busy” so that they’re free to create a bigger, lasting impact. She’s known for sharing simple, proven strategies to create order out of life’s chaos, find your inner peace, and transform your life from the inside out… so you can experience effort-LESS success – without the stress.

I know you’re gonna just looooove everything Courtney has to say…so let’s get right to our chat!


4:57 | Courtney’s background; incidents from her own life that inspired her to become a “stress expert”

12:16 | How to identify when you’re too stressed

15:54 | Why do we wear stress as a badge of honor

19:37 | Courtney’s belief that stress can’t be “eliminated” or “managed”

24:09 | The root causes of most chronic stress

31:53 | The connection between fear-based thought patterns and stress

33:18 | The causes of Courtney’s stress when she worked in corporate America

37:05 | Why are some people better at managing stress than others?

40:59 | How gratitude and stress-relief are related

46:20 | Courtney explains the role of diet, sleep, and exercise in relation to stress

47:42 | Her recommendations for handling unique, one-time stressors that come out of the blue

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