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Welcome back to The Health Investment podcast!

If you’ve ever found yourself in an exercise rut, this episode is for you.

In this episode, I chat with Shawn Vance—celebrity trainer and comedian—about weight lifting, high intensity interval training, regular ol’ cardio, protein shakes, nutrition…we cover A LOT.

Having trained some major A-listers, Shawn is an authority on everything exercise- and diet-related. I was so grateful that he took the time to have a lengthy chat with me!

(Although, it’s also worth mentioning that Shawn was my childhood neighbor and still is a good friend. Come to think of it, he actually owed me one for repeatedly throwing my Barbies off of my second floor banister…)

As I mentioned, Shawn is not only a celebrity trainer—he’s also a comedian! So unlike previous episodes, this one gets the “Explicit” rating. I promise you’ll be super entertained by Shawn’s candid commentary on different issues!

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Looking forward to following along!

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Alright, are ya ready to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about fitness and exercise?? Here we go…


4:30 | Shawn’s journey from athletic/adventurous kid to college pole vaulter to the U.S. Army Special Forces to Equinox trainer to celebrity trainer

14:38 | The celebrity transformations Shawn is most proud of

17:33 | Steady-state cardio vs. high intensity interval training (HIIT) vs. resistance training: Which is best?

19:58 | Three kettlebell exercises that rock!

20:29 | Shawn’s mentality, re: weight lifting and general exercise

22:25 | How to get the best workout on a spin bike

23:31 | What makes Shawn so successful as a personal trainer

25:09 | How often he does steady-state cardio, and what that actually means

26:44 | What about HIIT?

28:09 | Can you just lift weights?

28:58 | For resistance training, do you need to use actual weights/machines, or do weight-bearing exercises suffice?

30:53 | Shawn’s thoughts on “leg day,” “back day,” etc.

33:19 | The ONE piece of equipment Shawn has been telling everyone to buy

34:08 | Resistance training musts if you want a “rockin’ bod”

36:21 | Why “progressive overload” is important

38:19 | Is it better to do more reps with less weight or fewer reps with more weight?

39:59 | In a *dream* world, this is what Shawn would recommend every person do, re: their weekly exercise routine

41:56 | What about the popular “7-minute workouts”? Do they work?

43:55 | What should the person (like me!) who mainly exercises for heart/overall health—not to get “toned”—be doing?

46:03 | Shawn’s advice to women who are afraid of getting “too bulky” if they start lifting weights

49:55 | His thoughts on diet vs. exercise when it comes to weight loss/maintenance

51:09 | Shawn’s #1 diet tip for most people

55:29 | In his opinion, is breakfast the “most important meal of the day”?

56:55 | The power of mindset

1:00:12 | “Eating clean,” according to Shawn

1:02:33 | Studies about hypnosis and different allergens

1:03:37 | Shawn’s thoughts on intermittent fasting

  • To listen to my prior episode alllll about the topic, click here 🙂

1:04:26 | His thoughts on protein shakes + “bro science”

1:11:02 | What percentage of the time is Shawn actually excited to work out?

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