Healthy Fish 101: Wild vs. Farmed, Frozen vs. Fresh & Omega-3 Fatty Acids | Sena Wheeler

EPISODE 68 | The Wheelers are a third-generation fishing family and work hard to bring home the very best fish. Their goal with Sena Sea is to bring the consistent premium quality that they get to enjoy, direct to their customers…something they just can’t find anywhere else! Sena Wheeler has a masters degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a specialty in quantifying omega 3’s in fish and determining preferred handling practices for premium quality. Her husband Rich does a majority of the fishing for Sena Sea, but they also source from fellow fishermen who share their high-quality standards and commitment to sustainability.  The Wheelers are not only fishermen, but also run a small, fisherman-owned custom processing facility in Cordova, AK (60 North Seafoods) where they specialize in premium quality and traceability. This means the fish never leaves their hands and control is maintained throughout the entire process. In the episode, Sena shares key differences between wild and farmed fish, what to look for and ask about when buying/ordering fish, which fish has the highest omega-3 content…and more! Enjoy!!


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  • What’s your story? (Specifically, what led you to start your company Sena Sea?)
  • I know you’re passionate about wild, sustainable, ethical fishing. First, can we define each?
  • What does “wild” mean? Are there certain certifications we should look for?
  • What does “sustainable” mean?
  • What does “ethical” mean?
  • Wild-caught vs. farmed fish… Is wild-caught fish healthier than farmed fish? Is it always higher in omega-3’s?
  • Does wild-caught fish or farmed fish have more contaminants? Which is better for the environment?
  • What about “organic” fish? I’ve seen that label. What does that mean?
  • What are some of the “worst offenders” when it comes to fish? What are some types you’d always stay away from? 
  • Can you touch on “imposter fish” (fish that’s sold as one thing but really it’s something else)? Is this common?
  • What about mercury in fish? I know smaller fish usually have less mercury, but can you touch on this topic more? Which fish would you eat/avoid (if any) due to their mercury content?
  • What about frozen vs. fresh seafood? It’s pretty impossible to find “fresh off the boat” seafood in many locales, so is frozen okay?
  • For someone on a tight budget, what’s their best bet when buying seafood?
  • Any tips for cooking the perfect fish every time?
  • How much fish should we be eating each week to reap the health benefits




Image of cooked fish below title - Healthy Fish 101: Wild vs. Farmed, Frozen vs. Fresh & Omega-3 Fatty Acids