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Welcome back to The Health Investment Podcast!

I’m honestly still in a bit of shock that the interview you’re about to listen to actually happened.

My guest, Vinnie Tortorich, was the impetus for my own health journey several years ago. My husband Thomas heard him on The Adam Carolla Show (where he’s still a regular guest, in case you want to check him out) and bought his book Fitness Confidential.

Before a long plane flight, I was looking for something to read—Thomas recommended that I read Fitness Confidential…and the rest is history!

In Vinnie’s book, I learned his “NSNG”—or “no sugar, no grains”—catch phrase for the first time. Since I had been trying to get healthy and lose weight by eating low-calorie, low-fat foods, I was pretty much ONLY eating sugars and grains at the time. So this idea of his came as a real shock to me!

(And, honestly, I was skeptical that it’d actually work, but since Vinnie had helped top celebrities get in shape for big movies, I thought it was worth a try.)

Much to my surprise, I lost 15 pounds almost effortlessly. And I did so by eating tasty, satiating things like avocados, nuts, butter, and eggs. It was incredible!

After realizing I’d been sold a bunch of low-fat, low-calorie lies by mainstream media and diet culture, I wondered what else I’d been wrong about. That’s when I started my deep dive into everything health/nutrition-related, which then led me to start my first blog, which then led to me becoming a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.

It all started with Vinnie, a guy who has waaaaay too many followers at this point and waaaaay too much going on to care about my little ol’ podcast—but still, he did!

I emailed him on the Wednesday before Christmas, and he wrote back immediately asking if we could record on that Thursday or Friday! Seriously, the guy is so generous and genuine. All he cares about is getting his message out there to as many people as possible.

Aside from being a celebrity trainer and author, Vinnie is an avid podcaster himself (he releases 5 EPISODES/WEEK, which is just incredible), he owns a “pure” vitamin company (called Pure Vitamin Club! I interviewed his co-founder, Andy Schreiber, in episodes 10 and 11, so be sure to check those out!), he owns a “pure” coffee company (called Pure Coffee Club! Hopefully I can interview either Andy or Vinnie about that business in the future), he’s a public speaker, a regular guest on Adam Carolla’s podcast (as I mentioned), and NOW a documentarian. If you haven’t already, you MUST be sure to watch Fat: A Documentary! It’s sooooo illuminating.

The guy literally does it all, so I could go on and on. But I’ll stop there. Because I know you want to hear what Vinnie has to say!

Quickly, let me share an amazing iTunes review with you! Because you know how much I adore reading these!!

Carly Gray left a 5-star review and said:

Easy & Inspiring Health Tips

Brooke is a wealth of knowledge and she has a way of sharing tips and tricks in a really straightforward and easy to implement way. Just a few of her inspiring tips have already changed the way I think about eating (and feeding my family). Thanks Brooke!

No, thank YOU, Carly! I really can’t express how much these honest reviews mean to me. Reading them is the highlight of any day!

Alright, are you ready to hear from Vinnie? I forgot to mention that you should buckle your seatbelt…because he’s also one of the most candid people there is. He doesn’t hold back! So, prepare to be both informed AND entertained…

Here we go!


6:40 | How Vinnie became a celebrity fitness trainer, author, podcaster, and documentarian

10:33 | The biggest misconceptions people have today about nutrition, health, and fitness

12:23 | The moment Vinnie realized that “eat less, exercise more” doesn’t work or make sense

15:42 | Vinnie explains his trademarked phrase “no sugars, no grains”—or “NSNG”

18:06 | Refined grains vs. whole grains: Is there a difference?

19:38 | Vinnie’s thoughts on starchy, high-carb vegetables

20:43 | What about refined sugar alternatives, like stevia, xylitol, and erythritol? 

24:55 | What should we be eating every day? What does Vinnie eat??

27:24 | When’s the best time to eat after the gym?

28:21 | Vinnie’s favorite spice

28:55 | His thoughts on intermittent fasting [click here to listen to my full episode on the topic!]

30:41 | Vinnie hears from people allllll of the time that they feel better in their 40s and 50s than ever before. Here’s how they do it…

32:21 | How my life changed once I got on board with “NSNG”

35:22 | Vinnie’s frozen yogurt experiment

40:02 | All about Vinnie’s most recent labor of love, Fat: A Documentary

45:34 | Why do a documentary on fat rather than one of the other macronutrients?

46:12 | The biggest problem with fat, according to both Vinnie and Adam Carolla

48:50 | How Fat: A Documentary was funded differently than most documentaries about food, vegetarianism, veganism, etc.

50:45 | Speaking of veganism…Vinnie’s thoughts on the topic

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