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NOTE: All of the images below are linked to Amazon, but often items are cheaper on

Why is that? Thrive Market is my favorite online store because it sells all the top organic and healthy products at wholesale prices (25-50% off) and ships straight to your door!

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Ideally, we’d eat whole, unpackaged foods all of the time. However, sometimes convenience is key! I always keep these pantry items on hand, most of which are vegetable/seed oil-free, preservative-free, low-sugar or sugar-free, “natural” flavors-free, and gluten-free:

This dark chocolate is so smooth and sooooo delicious; it has only 3g/sugar per serving, making it the perfect post-dinner “sweet” treat.

There’s no oil of any kind in these and they’re great.

Wild Alaskan salmon is where it’s at in terms of taste and health benefits, and canned salmon is often much cheaper than fresh! Make salmon salad using Primal Kitchen mayo, diced celery, chopped apple, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil. Yum 🙂


All Artisana nut butters are organic and free of additives, peanuts, gluten, dairy, preservatives, added oils, GMOs, salt, and pesticides.


Grain-free tortilla chips that taste better (in my opinion) than traditional tortilla chips?! Sign me up, and bring on the guac!

Olives are one of the best fruits (yes, fruits!) to eat because they’re fatty (read: filling) and low in sugar.

This is a great Nutella replacement because it doesn’t contain vegetable oils or unnecessary additives (unlike Nutella) and it only has 2g/sugar per serving. (Nutella contains 21g/sugar per serving!)

Pork rinds are an excellent crunchy, low-carb substitute for chips and crackers. These are made with only the simplest, purest ingredients.

Ever tried a tin of wild mackerel? If not, you’re missing out because it’s capital “D” Delicious. Tins of fish, like mackerel and sardines, are great on-the-go snacks.

Not all protein and energy bars are created equal! LARABARS are the real deal. Even though they usually contain 10+ grams of sugar, the sugar comes from dates (not refined additives). Still, be mindful of your sugar consumption!

Beef sticks are great to have on hand, especially when traveling. I like these Paleovalley ones because they’re made from grass-fed meat.

Is your coffee organic? It should be! There are many varieties out there, but I like this brand’s mission: “Tiny Footprint Coffee is the carbon negative, earth positive coffee that takes sustainability to the next level…”


Dry roasted nuts are the best since they’re free of unnecessary vegetables oils!


As mentioned above, olives are a great fatty, nutritious snack. I love these olive packs because I can keep them in my desk at work!


The popular Terra Chips are made with vegetable oils; Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips are made with the healthier option: coconut oil!

I love to keep these in my desk at work for a quick energy burst. They don’t contain any unnecessary additives, like sugar or vegetable oils.

WARNING: If you buy this, you’ll be addicted. This. Snack. Mix. Is. Incredible. It’s made with green, low-sugar bananas that taste like chips; olive oil; other nuts; and spices. Also, it has no added sugar, no GMOs, no gluten, no grains, no dairy, and no soy. Thus, it’s a healthy addiction!

Good news! Bubba’s Fine Foods doesn’t just make addictive snack mixes…they also make addictive granolas! Their granolas are oat-free, but they’re taste-filled. I actually like this coconut flake granola more than the traditional oat varieties.
These grain-free crackers go perfectly with cheese, guacamole, spreads, dips, hummus…you name it! They’re truly addicting, so be sure to order more than one box…

My Favorite Health Boosters

Pasture-raised protein, fruits, and especially veggies will give your body most of the nutrients it craves. However, if you’re looking for that extra boost, look no further:

Ever heard of propolis? I hadn’t. Here are the facts from the Beekeeper’s Naturals site: “With over 300 beneficial compounds, propolis is nature’s ultimate defender and a powerful superfood for prevention, treatment and fighting off free radicals during periods of stress. Use bee propolis daily for bulletproof immunity and to get a dose of high-grade vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Bee propolis is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and a must-have for anyone who trains hard, travels hard or suffers from colds, flus or sore throats.” I take 4 sprays of propolis daily to ward off sickness.

I “eat” this liver each day. Read this post to learn more:
“Why I (Sort Of) Eat Organ Meat For Breakfast”


Do you consume enough omega-3 fatty acids? I try to consume wild-caught fish about 3 times each week, but I keep this high-quality fish oil supplement on hand for the weeks that I don’t. Read why omega-3s are so important in these posts:
“What If You Can Prevent Sun Damage…From The Inside?”
“Eating Enough Of This? Your Brain Health Depends On It…”

The powerful antioxidant astaxanthin may help protect your skin from the inside. I take astaxanthin year round, but I up my dose in the summer months. For more information, read this post:
“What If You Can Prevent Sun Damage…From The Inside?”

Pure Vitamin Club’s products “contain absolutely no added ingredients , fillers, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or any other ingredients above and beyond the actual nutritional supplements in the formula. The only additional ingredient is the capsule itself, which is made from cellulose, a vegetable-based product.” This daily multicap is the best I’ve found, and I take it daily.

Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.” I take this daily in water. (Be careful! If you spill it, it’ll stain any surface bright yellow!)

As previously mentioned, Pure Vitamin Club’s products “contain absolutely no added ingredients , fillers, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or any other ingredients above and beyond the actual nutritional supplements in the formula. The only additional ingredient is the capsule itself, which is made from cellulose, a vegetable-based product.” I take magnesium each night to improve my sleep and digestion.

As previously mentioned, Pure Vitamin Club’s products “contain absolutely no added ingredients , fillers, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or any other ingredients above and beyond the actual nutritional supplements in the formula. The only additional ingredient is the capsule itself, which is made from cellulose, a vegetable-based product.” I take Vitamin D3 daily since I don’t get too much sun exposure.

My Favorite Green Smoothie Ingredients

One of the best ways to achieve any health goal is to incorporate a green smoothie into your daily routine. (See the post “Recipe: Make This Cheap Green Smoothie With Any Blender” to learn more.) These additions give any smoothie that extra zest and nutrient boost:

In addition to all of the fresh and frozen veggies I put in smoothies, I like to add this 3 Grass Blend for an extra nutrient boost. Read more about the health benefits of frozen fruits and veggies here:
“Frozen Produce Is Just As Good (If Not Better!) As Fresh Produce”


Beekeeper’s Naturals honey is the best around! Their product “Bee Powered” is lower in sugar than most pure honey, but at the same time it’s nutrient-dense. 1/2 teaspoon will perfectly sweeten any smoothie.

Hemp seeds are a great source of healthy fats and essential fatty acids. Also, they’re “a great protein source and contain high amounts of vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.”

All Artisana nut butters are organic and free of additives, peanut, gluten, dairy, preservatives, added oils, GMOs, salt, and pesticides. I love to put cashew butter in smoothies because it gives them a creamier texture.

Chia. Seeds. Rock: “Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They’re loaded with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients.”

Consume collagen to say goodbye to fine lines and hello to healthy joints and bones: “Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, and has many roles, including the promotion of healthy and youthful looking skin. Some of the other potential benefits include better joint and bone health, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, increased metabolism, better brain function, and a deeper sleep.”


Algae is awesome! This Spirulina + Chlorella blend is rich in beta-carotene, essential amino acids, Vitamin B12, protein, iron, nucleic acids (DNA & RNA), chlorophyll, and digestive enzymes.

Cinnamon is one of the tastiest and healthiest spices on Earth! Click here to read the evidence-based benefits of cinnamon. It’s a delicious addition to any green smoothie.


Goji powder gives any smoothie a nice fruity, tangy flavor, but it’s not too sweet. (One serving of this powder only has 2g of sugar.) Goji berries—like other berries—are an excellent source of antioxidants!

Flaxseeds are an excellent source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

MCT oil may improve brain function, boost energy, enhance weight loss efforts, lower cholesterol, and decrease blood sugar levels. 

My Favorite Fridge Staples

I always have an abundance of berries, vegetables, and pasture-raised meat + eggs in my fridge, as well as the following:

Bone broth is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Kettle & Fire bone broth is high-quality and tasty. (Note: Bone broth is not supposed to taste like soup! It took me a bit to develop the taste for it, but now I like sipping it straight out of a mug. It’s also a great additive to any soup!)


Many traditional dressings are filled with preservatives, vegetable oils, emulsifiers, and sugar. Primal Kitchen’s dressings contain only the purest ingredients—like avocado oil, apple cider vinegar, water, and spices—and very little (if any!) sugar.

Mustard is a flavorful, sugar-free condiment that’s great to keep on hand!

Heinz ketchup contains either real sugar or sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Primal Kitchen’s organic and unsweetened ketchup is the way to go. (Note: It’s super expensive on Amazon! Your best bet is to buy it directly from Primal Kitchen’s site or from Thrive Market.)


Shocker! Primal Kitchen has made a healthful and delicious mayo, as well! 

I used to think sauerkraut was gross, but that was a judgment based on never, ever tasting it. I was wrong, and now I see the error of my ways! The best sauerkraut only contains cabbage, salt, and possibly some spices. If you like salt and spices, you’ll like sauerkraut! It’s so good for you because it’s naturally probiotic. Probiotic supplements can be pricey. Thus, it’s ideal to get probiotics (and all essential vitamins, really) through whole foods…like sauerkraut! For more info, check out this post:
“How To Eat Fermented Foods Daily (And Why They’re Sooo Important!)”

I use apple cider vinegar constantly. Here’s how: I mix it into my Alitura clay mask (see below), I drink a tablespoon of it in water periodically to aid with digestion, and I mix it with olive oil to make my own dressing.


Like sauerkraut, kimchi is a great natural source of probiotics! I like Madge’s because there’s no sugar added. This version is spicy, but they also make a regular, mild flavor. For more information, check out this post:
“How To Eat Fermented Foods Daily (And Why They’re Sooo Important!)”
I love the unsweetened varieties of Malk cashew and almond milks because they’re organic and only contain the most basic ingredients, not the unnecessary sugars and additives (like carrageenan) that you find in most non-dairy milks. Currently, Malk is not available on Amazon, but you can find it at Whole Foods and other specialty stores.

My Favorite Cooking Oils, Lard, and Ghee

You can cook absolutely any recipe with healthy fruit oils, lard, and/or ghee:

Are you still cooking with canola oil?! Just stop! Avocado oil is much healthier and has a high smoke point, so you can cook with it at higher heat. However, if you heat it too much, “the oil will be damaged and begin to form harmful compounds, such as trans fats and other harmful compounds.” Here’s a chart showing the max smoke points for avocado oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and ghee. To learn more about fruit vs. veggie oils, read this post:
“Canola Oil vs Vegetable Oil: Which Is Healthiest?”

Some olive oil is not as pure as the label would like you to believe: “Fake EVOO, in the worst-case (and illegal) scenario, is diluted with a cheap soybean or seed oil or mixed with lower-grade olive oil that’s been chemically refined.” Good news: “…one of the best-tasting olive oils you can get for your money comes from Costco.” (If you don’t have a Costco membership, you can also find Costco’s Kirkland Signature olive oil on Amazon by clicking the image above.) Read more about the health benefits of EVOO here:
“Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil Good For You? An Expert Explains.

Coconut oil is great for cooking, baking, and moisturizing! (That’s right: You can use it on your skin, especially throughout the dry winter months.) Again, see this chart to determine the smoke point of coconut oil. Basically, only cook or bake if you’re using low or medium heat.

Ghee. Is. Great. If you don’t already cook with it, what are you waiting for?! Dairy intolerant? No biggie! Ghee is lactose-free! It has a high smoke point, so feel free to use it when cooking on any heat—even high!

This avocado oil spray is great for baking…or for those nights you’re lazy and just want to quickly spray a skillet!

My Favorite Spices

Not all spices are created equally! (Did you know there’s actually sugar in most table salt?) I’ve done a lot of research, and these are some staples I trust:

Did you know that a lot of traditional table salt contains additives…like sugar?! Redmond’s Real Salt is pure and delicious.



If you like spicy things, then HOT Old Bay Seasoning will revolutionize your cooking!

I prefer white pepper to the traditional black pepper varieties. It adds way more punch to any meal.

My Favorite Food and Drink Storage Containers

Plastic is so 2017! When it comes to food and beverages, think glass and stainless steel!

I carry this stainless steel tumbler with me everywhere. At this point, it has paid for itself because I never buy plastic water bottles. Also, some coffee stores (like Starbucks!) will give you a discount if you bring your own reusable mug/tumbler!


This glass bento lunch box will last yeeeeeears! It’s super sturdy and easy to clean. I love that it’s divided into three leak-proof compartments so that I can easily separate veggies from eggs from berries…you get the idea!

Glass storage containers > plastic ones. They last forever, won’t leech chemicals into your food, and are dishwasher + microwave safe.

Why spend money on one-use plastic straws that can 1) leech chemicals into your drinks and 2) harm the environment? Stainless steel straws are the way to go!


I also love using these for my lunches and food storage. Great news: they’re dishwasher-safe!

My Favorite Toxin-Free Household Cleaners

When choosing household cleaners, it’s important to consult Environmental Working Group’s (EWG’s) Guide to Healthy Cleaning. If you don’t want to go through the effort of searching, rest assured knowing each of these products has an “A” rating:

I use this to clean glass and windows.

This is a great general cleanser for bathrooms, kitchen spaces, fridge shelves, cabinets, and more!

I disinfect bathroom and kitchen spaces with this.

This toilet bowl cleaner is excellent!



You’ll need some paper towel for cleaning, but skip the traditional one-use disposable kind and opt for these reusable, machine-washable Bambooee paper towels instead! By buying these, you’ll not only do your part to save the environment…you’ll also save money! I like these so much that I wrote an entire blog post about them:
“5 Reasons I’m In LOVE With Bambooee Reusable Paper Towels”


Microfiber cloths are excellent because all you need is water…the least toxic substance of all!

My Favorite Toxin-Free Skincare

Before I buy any skincare product, I consult EWG’s Skin Deep database to be sure it has a “safe” score. (For reference, I don’t buy any products that are rated higher than a 2.) These are the all-natural products that have revolutionized my skin:

Alitura’s products are my faaaavorite. Since I’ve been using their 100% natural skincare line, I’ve experienced zero breakouts, fewer blackheads and fine lines, and smaller pores.
To start, their clay mask is the best I’ve found. I mix the powder with one part apple cider vinegar + one part water and apply it to my face twice each week. It doesn’t smell great because it’s the real deal (it smells like the sea!), but works wonders for reducing fine lines, brightening skin, and reducing any discoloration. (Note: If you use apple cider vinegar in your mixture like I do, your skin may turn a bit red. Don’t be alarmed! The redness fades after an hour or so.)

Alitura’s facial cleanser is incredible: “This creamy cleanser uses an ancient Chinese beauty secret of Pearl Powder, a micro-exfoliator that is packed with calcium and magnesium to immediately brighten and leave your skin smoother. Carefully sourced, cutting edge ingredients such as Marine Collagen, Wildcrafted Tremella Mushroom (nature’s highest source of hyaluronic acid) Organic Panax Ginseng, Colloidal Silver and Organic Green Coffee to stimulate and “wake up” tired skin cells.”

After I cleanse, I apply Alitura’s “Gold Serum” either morning or night (sometimes both) before the moisturizer. I especially like this serum because it’s loaded with the proven skin-improving ingredients Vitamin E, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, and Organic Jojoba Oil.

I use Alitura’s basic moisturizer each morning. It consists of “a variety of nutrient-rich superfoods, herbal extracts, nourishing fats and beautifying essential oils.”


Alitura’s night cream is thick and hydrating. It contains 10% hyaluronic acid; research suggests that “HA [hyaluronic acid] homeostasis exhibits a distinct profile in intrinsic skin aging, which is totally different of that in extrinsic skin aging.”

This Living Libations eye cream drastically reduces fine lines, smells great, and has a cooling effect on your skin.
I’ve tried a lot of all-natural chapsticks, and these are my favorite (by far)!

Sometimes, I use plain jojoba oil to both cleanse and moisturize my skin. Here’s the rationale: “Why Dermatologists Want You to Consider the Oil-Cleansing Method”

This. Sunscreen. Works. I’ve never gotten burned when I’ve used it, and it’s free of the toxic chemicals found in many other sunscreen brands.

I use this lotion for my hands and body, but you can use it on your face as well! I like it because it contains pure ingredients and is unscented.

This Andalou Naturals Beauty Balm brightens and protects (it’s SPF 30)! It provides a great sun-kissed look.

My Favorite Toxin-Free Makeup

Similar to skincare, it’s important to consult Skin Deep to be sure your makeup products are toxin-free. I have been using these basics for years and love them. (The brands obviously make additional products and different shades/colors.) I don’t wear much makeup (as evidenced below), mostly because I choose to invest in high-quality skincare instead. Better skin = less of a need for makeup! If you’re interested in finding additional trustworthy, toxin-free products that aren’t listed below, visit my favorite brand W3LL PEOPLE’s Amazon page or my favorite nontoxic makeup blog. Also, see my post “Nontoxic Makeup Exists…And It’s Incredible!”

ILIA’s lipstick is more moisturizing than other natural lip products I’ve tried. Also, it’s long-lasting!

W3LL PEOPLE’s concealer provides all-day coverage and comes in three colors.

The Physician’s Formula mascara is the best natural mascara I’ve found since it doesn’t clump. Also, you can find it in many drug stores!


I used to buy the popular NARS bronzer, but now I use Ecco Bella since it’s ingredients are non-toxic.

W3LL PEOPLE’s Natural Bio Brightener gives your cheeks that extra oomph!

I mostly use Mineral Fusion’s 3-in-1 color stick as blush, but you can also apply it to your eyelids and lips!

My Favorite Toxin-Free Shower + Bathroom Cabinet Essentials

At this point, you know the drill! Consult EWG’s databases before purchasing anything that you’ll use on your skin, teeth, and hair.

The tried and true Dr. Bronner’s pure-castile soap is an excellent substitute for traditional bar soaps and body washes! I exclusively use this in the shower.

I’ve tried several (I repeat: several) natural shampoos, and most don’t lather or clean my hair sufficiently. EVOLVh’s Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo is a real game-changer! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but you barely need to use any. Also, it cleans my hair so well that I can wash it less frequently. One bottle of shampoo lasts me 3-4 months.

EVOLVh’s Ultra Shine Moisture Conditioner is a great accompaniment to the shampoo. The shampoo truly strips your hair of unwanted filth and grease, so the conditioner helps to restore a soft texture and shine. I need to use a dime-sized amount on the ends of my hair, so this lasts 4-5 months.

This vegan dental floss is soft and amazing! It’s also free from the chemicals in standard flosses. Read more here:
“You’re Likely Killing Your Oral Microbiome. Bring It Back To Life!”

You’ve probably heard of the importance of healthy gut microbiota, but have you heard of the oral microbiome? Many of the standard mouthwashes act as bombs, killing “good” oral microbiota. Therefore, it’s important to find a mouth rinse—like Dr. Brite!—that allows the “good” bugs to survive and thrive.

I’m not an avid user of deodorant, but my husband likes this brand. Antiperspirants usually work better, but at a cost. It’s not great to prevent your body from sweating; thus, a natural deodorant is better.
For the same reasons described above, it’s important to preserve the integrity of the oral microbiome by using a natural toothpaste. Dr. Brite’s “berrylicious” Vitamin C toothpaste is my favorite!

My Favorite Toxin-Free Dishwashing Products

Why buy less-safe, toxic products when there are excellent alternatives?

This dish soap works just as well as some of the leading brands and scores an “A” on EWG’s “Guide to Healthy Cleaning.”

Most Seventh Generation products–like this one!–score an “A” on EWG’s “Guide to Healthy Cleaning”! 


According to Scotch Brite’s website, 50% of the scrubbing fibers of each sponge are made from agave plants, 100% of each sponge is made from plant-based fibers, each sponge is made from 23% recycled materials, and one sponge can outlast 30 rolls of paper towels.

My Favorite Toxin-Free Laundry Supplies

Make the switch from dryer sheets to wool dryer balls! They’re chemical-free and reusable:

Dryer sheets contain toxic chemicals. Try these reusable wool dryer balls instead!


All of Molly’s Suds products are incredible.

My Favorite Cookware

I rest assured knowing none of these products will leach harmful chemicals into my food:

I use this Lodge cast iron skillet for frying eggs, fish, chicken, veggies, and more! When you have a well-seasoned cast iron skillet, you don’t need a nonstick one. Also, nonstick skillets can lose their coating pretty quickly; cast iron lasts forever and only gets better with age!


Wooden spoons > plastic!

A high-quality stainless steel stockpot is a must-have!

I use my glass baking dishes almost nightly for roasting veggies and/or meat. Cleanup is a breeze!

This cheap steamer basket will revolutionize your life! Simply fill your saucepan with about an inch of water, add the steamer basket, toss in your chopped veggies, cover the pan, and voila! Within minutes, you’ll have perfectly steamed veggies. (Note: You may need to add a tad more water mid-steaming. If you don’t the basket can burn!)

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