The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List: 75 Simple Swaps!


Before we chat more about crafting the ultimate healthy grocery list, let’s get one fact straight: Even though I’m a certified nutrition coach, I like chips, crackers, and other treats as much as the next person!

However, throughout my personal health journey, I’ve come to the sad realization that most packaged foods are filled with additives like cheap oils, refined sugar, preservatives, dyes, binding agents, and other chemically derived crap.

These subpar ingredients contribute to inflammation within the body and hinder our weight loss + wellness goals. Ugh!

Unwilling to give up all of the processed convenience foods I loved, I set out on a mission to find the healthiest options. Caveat: I was unwilling to compromise flavor for nutrition…’cause who wants to eat bland, cardboard-like food??

The fantastic news is…I succeeded! After years of hunting, I’ve identified simple food (and beverage!) swaps that are both healthier and tasty!!

Now, I wanna share ‘em all with you!

Every item in The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List meets the following criteria:

  • Made with only fruit oils (avocado, coconut, and/or olive), not canola or other “vegetable” oils.
    • Wanna know why “vegetable” oils are so bad? Then click here.
  • Grain/gluten-free
  • Low in sugar (generally fewer than 5g/serving)
  • Only sweetened with a natural sweetener (like dates, honey, or maple syrup)
  • Don’t contain colorants, dyes, preservatives, binding agents, or artificial/“natural” flavors (there’s little FDA oversight for “natural” flavors, meaning they’re often gross chemicals and aren’t natural at all)

Basically, everything on the list is as minimally processed as possible. If you’re gonna buy packaged foods (for convenience, Baby!) these are the ones you want!

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Before you dive into the 15 PAGES of 75 simple swaps…

Consider these final points:

  • It’s important to #JERF—just eat real food—as much as possible. I purposely use the word “healthier” rather than“healthy” throughout this freebie because nothing beats the power of real, whole, unprocessed, unpackaged foods (like vegetables, eggs, and high-quality animal proteins).
  • Even though the items in this guide are healthier than some alternatives, packaged foods—however “clean” their ingredients—are usually addictive and should never dominate your diet.
  • You can find most of these items on Amazon or at stores like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Target, and Costco. However, they’re usually cheapest on!
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  • If you can’t find the exact brand listed, use the info I’ve provided in the explanations to buy similar products that meet the same criteria. Or, ask me if I know of a different brand on Insta (@thehealthinvestment) or via email (!
  • This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’s an awesome starting place as you work to stock your kitchen with healthier options! If you think I missed some awesome brands or left out a category completely, shoot me a message on Insta (@thehealthinvestment) or via email (! I’ll be revising this doc and releasing future editions, so I appreciate your input!!

Alright, are ya ready to learn 75 simple swaps for your kitchen staples??

Click here to download “The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List: 75 Simple Swaps For Your Kitchen Staples!”

Thoughts? Questions? Share ’em below! I love hearing from you 🙂

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