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Today, you’re going to hear from fertility expert Dr. Vinay Gunnala.

Dr. Gunnala specializes in all aspects of reproductive medicine, offering patients a full range of fertility services including ovulation induction, egg freezing for fertility preservation, oocyte donation, and IVF/ICSI with and without preimplantation genetic testing.

His clinical expertise extends to numerous reproductive challenges such as amenorrhea, PCOS, recurrent pregnancy loss, endometriosis, and he is a proud supporter of LGBTQ reproductive rights. In addition, he is a skilled minimally invasive surgeon for operative hysteroscopy and advanced laparoscopy.

Even if you’re not struggling with fertility, you likely know someone who has or currently is. I learned a ton from Dr. Gunnala and now have an entirely different perspective on infertility as well as the treatments available. I know you’re gonna learn soooo much from him, as well!

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Alright, it’s time to hear from Dr. Gunnala…enjoy the episode!


4:03 | Dr. Gunnala’s background + what led him to become a fertility specialist

6:06 | What’s the definition of fertility? Of infertility?

7:02 | How long should someone wait before getting tested for infertility?

7:52 | What, exactly, happens to a woman’s fertility as she ages? And what about men?

10:16 | Does being on the birth control pill for years help a woman “save” eggs?

11:23 | Do most OBGYNs know a lot about fertility/infertility, or is it necessary to see a specialist?

12:47 | What’s the connection between miscarriages and fertility?

18:53 | Do fibroids affect fertility?

20:25 | Are regular periods an indicator of fertility?

25:37 | Is pelvic pain during menstruation normal, or can that point to infertility?

27:08 | Dr. Gunnala explains the connection between endometriosis and infertility

28:56 | Is infertility at all inherited?

29:55 | What are some of the causes of male infertility?

30:51 | Medical interventions for infertility beyond IVF

32:50 | Dr. Gunnala explains how to optimize fertility through diet & lifestyle choices

38:49 | The biggest misconceptions floating around out there, re: infertility

42:31 | Are there any supplements—besides prenatal vitamins—that can boost fertility?

43:52 | Dr. Gunnala’s most basic advice for anyone having fertility issues

45:45 | Is there any link between chronic stress and infertility?

47:16 | Can acupuncture help?

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