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I’ve helped 200+ clients ditch restrictive dieting and lose weight for good. Here’s what a few of them have said about working with me in my group and one-on-one coaching programs…

(Note: I take confidentiality very seriously, which is why I don’t attach names or photos to testimonials.)

Today is 8 weeks and I’m down 14.2 pounds! Even after a holiday weekend! And today I’m  back on track like normal—still tracking my water, steps, and calories and prepping my lunches ahead of time. I’m amazed how quickly the weight has come off plus how much these habits have stuck. I don’t feel like I’m dieting or missing out. It just feels like normal now!”

It is not hyperbole to say that working with Brooke has been life-changing. After a decade of yo-yo dieting—gaining and losing the same 50 pounds through all-or-nothing thinking and restrictive dieting—Brooke has helped me reimagine what eating in a balanced and sustainable way looks like. Her positive, encouraging style helps you constantly reframe what might be considered a set back or ‘failure’ as a learning experience and practice. I will never stop eating this way for the rest of my life; her coaching has taught me that it can look lots of different ways and still achieve weight loss goals. She is well-researched, knowledgeable, and consolidates her years of nutrition information into distilled, easy-to-understand truths. It has been a privilege to get to work with Brooke.”

For anyone on the fence, let me push you right over it. I worked with Brooke and she is amazing! I myself was skeptical but I had tried on my own for so long, thinking I could figure it out. Brooke helps frame the landscape of ‘dieting’ and balance the mental and physical aspects in such a way that makes it easy. She helped me weed through a lot of the BS; her approach is science- and evidence-based. Jump on board, either directly [one-on-one] or in her group. You won’t regret it!”

“Brooke is an outstanding coach. She is present, prepared, super knowledgeable, and very supportive. I achieved my goals and then some with her by my side. I was nervous that this would not be worth the money, but Brooke exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend working with her. A great experience!”

“Can’t say enough about Brooke and her coaching. First of all, the system and tools Brooke brings are top-notch. Second, no shame. That’s a big one. Do this thing for yourself. You won’t regret it.”

“If you’ve only used online weight loss programs before, try Brooke. She’s evidence-based, high-touch, not trying to sell you anything, and doesn’t want you to need her forever. My mindset and habits have improved dramatically!”

“I recommend Brooke for anyone looking to make positive changes in their health and wellness journey. Her expertise in nutrition and fitness is unmatched, and she has a deep understanding of the individual needs and goals of her clients. With Brooke’s guidance, I have seen remarkable improvements in my overall well-being, from increased energy levels to weight loss. Her personalized approach has made it easy for me to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“I’m not sure I can put into words how much I enjoyed working with Brooke. I’m so grateful I found her on TikTok! I looked forward to our calls, her input, and having someone to share my journey with. Brooke helped put things in perspective and keep things super simple while helping me reach my goals. I appreciated having her there to reach out to. She taught me how to make better choices and never feel like I was on a diet. I feel healthier, more energetic, and my confidence is rockstar level! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

I appreciated how accessible and encouraging Brooke was. I can’t express enough how grateful I am that I stumbled on her Instagram. I was in a very dark place with my health and out of control with my eating post-baby. I didn’t have the self-control I once did and felt hopeless. After finding Brooke and joining her group coaching community, I got my life back and was able to support my mental and physical healing journey. The money I spent pales in comparison to what I received. Thank you a million times over!”

“I tried all of the fad diets, with keto being the one I tried the longest. I love bread and pasta too much for that to be sustainable! Brooke taught me that all foods work and I can basically have whatever I want; I just have to make it work within my calorie budget. She helped me heal my relationship with food and set me up to continue to be successful!”

“I lost a total of 14 inches while working with Brooke. (I chose not to use the scale as a tracking metric.) While the 14 inches is great, the BEST result to me was the education that I received on how to eat properly and teach my kids about nutrition and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes I did. I am now able to continue on my journey confidently!”

“I feel very different mentally and have a whole new perspective— particularly with the scale and the ‘non-linear’ way we lose weight. In the past, I had tried everything! I have lost almost 4 pounds in 3 months—but more than anything, I am happy with that! I feel like I have figured out (with Brooke’s help) how to be consistent and approach this long-term to eventually achieve my goal. If you’re on the fence, I would say absolutely join one of Brooke’s programs! Her commonsense approach is simple and different from other things out there.”

“I had tried everything: SlimFast, 21 Day Fix, Beachbody, FASTer Way To Fat Lost, Martino Fit, counting macros… Working with Brooke was different because it was sustainable. I have changed and now have healthy habits!”

“I first found Brooke on TikTok and was immediately drawn to her informative videos. I completed 3 months of 1:1 coaching with Brooke and I am still going on my own! Brooke set me up for success with her science-based information, clear plan with daily step goals, and food guidelines that work for me. Working with Brooke helped me to focus and tune out all the diet culture noise. The food noise in my head is gone as well. I feel well prepared for each meal as I prioritize protein. Brooke is a wonderful and kind individual; anyone would be lucky to work with her towards their nutrition goals!”

“If I have a tough couple of weeks or months and go off track, I know exactly what to do to get back on track. When I would do fad diets, I would dread having to start over after binging because I thought it meant that I had to cut out my favorite foods. After working with Brooke, I no longer dread ‘starting over’ because I know what to do.”

“In the 3 months I worked with Brooke, I lost about 30 pounds. I’m more comfortable, and I’m more confident that I know what actually works.”

“I think Brooke is fantastic. I loved talking with her. She knows a lot about what she’s teaching. She has great points of reference. I felt very accepted by her. I never wondered if she was thinking of me poorly. I think her confidence in what I was doing helped me feel more capable too.”

“What I’m most surprised by is how much I stopped focusing on the numbers and feeling stress about food. I’m most proud of discovering how unhealthy my mindset had really become and creating new eating habits that are serving me so much better. And with that, gradually losing inches and pounds and feeling more comfortable in my clothes! But mostly I’m more comfortable in my brainand that’s a huge win!!”

“Other programs I tried felt like a lot of work that would ultimately need to be done over. Brooke makes eating healthy and losing weight unbelievably approachable, easy, and enjoyable. And without even realizing it, she also builds your confidence that you can make good choices.”

This program is different because it follows the science on how to make habit changes—small steps at a time! Other programs dump everything on you and expect for change to happen immediately.”

Having a coach like Brooke who is invested as much in you as a person as a client is really unique. I looked forward to being able to share my successes, even the small ones, with Brooke during our calls and I knew I could be open and honest about the challenges I was having along the way. Brooke is as genuine a person as they come.”

“I lost 10 pounds during my time working with Brooke, and my pants definitely fit better. I am much more conscious of what I buy at the grocery store and what foods will fill me up without fattening me up. Without Brooke, I would have continued trying different things I’d find on the internet with short term success at best. I am confident that the changes I’ve made to my nutrition habits are ones that I can maintain for years to come.”

“Brooke helped me make some simple switches to my diet. She gave me a better understanding of ingredients and how they impact my hunger. She gave me strategies that will work for the long-term, not just a quick fix.”

My three favorite things about the 1:1 coaching program are Brooke, Brooke, and Brooke! I always looked forward to our chats and felt like I was visiting with a friend. It never felt like I was being checked up on. If someone isn’t sure if 1:1 coaching is for them, I can understand that. I would have felt the same way before too and might have thought of it as unnecessary or a splurge. It is definitely an investment in your well being, your confidence, your LIFE. You will feel like you are in control of your health and wellness!”

“If you’re looking for some common sense information and truly wanting to make a lifestyle change, go see Brooke.”

“The education you’ll receive from Brooke will help you succeed. She doesn’t hand you a meal plan and say go eat this and lose weight. She teaches you how to make your own meal plans or whatever you want to be successful. For me, her teaching me how to do it was so much more beneficial than just telling me what I should/shouldn’t do.”

When you work with Brooke, you’ll feel like part of a team. She’ll help you see food in a healthier, more ‘aware’ way for the rest of your life!”

I feel more in control of my eating (not easily succumbing to emotional eating and snacking). I don’t feel like I’m being so restricted in my eating because there aren’t ‘bad’ foods, only better or worse choices. But there is room to enjoy food. And I am not as hungry as I had been using past efforts to lose weight. This is due to learning science-based ideas such as incorporating more protein and fiber in my diet.”

“I feel like a different and better person! I no longer spend my days stressed about food, what and when to eat, or whether I’m hungry or overly full…and I don’t hate the scale or the mirror! Eating out is now easy! I am wearing a bikini and feeling self-confident.”

I no longer have intense cravings, I can read my hunger cues, I feel more full on less food, I have more energy, and I’ve lost 20 pounds!”

I’ve tried Weight Watchers, tracking with MyFitnessPal, Mediterranean Diet, AIP (not for weight loss), increasing my exercising/workouts, etc. Oftentimes these have worked for me in the past. But the problem is that I just got tired of the endless restrictions, calorie counting, and yo yo-ing. I needed someone to talk with and to have accountability with. It was different being able to talk with Brooke about what works, what doesn’t work, and to hear about so many ideas (science-based) that she shared. I really needed someone to report to and someone who could help me when I was struggling to be patient about the time it really takes to do this right. She helped by reassuring me that I was on track and that with patience, I would eventually get to my goal.”

“Brooke was just what I needed to make changes I wanted and needed to make. Never before have I felt so well equipped. It’s honestly a lot simpler than I thought (and way less mysterious) in a lot of ways. I finally feel like I know what to do instead of constantly guessing.”

“I came to Brooke to get rid of physical weight, but I ended up releasing mental and emotional weight. When I started working with Brooke, I felt overwhelmed by social media and diet ‘noise.’ Brooke helped me peel back the layers and focus on simple goals that work best for me. I now feel more equipped to tackle the physical goals I have for myself.”

“Diet culture is terrible, but Brooke’s program isn’t a diet. She teaches you how to change your habits.”

“You really, really should try working with Brooke. She’s super solutions-oriented. She’s very down-to-earth. She’s clearly very knowledgeable, and she’s just all around a lovely person to know.”

The result I’m most proud of is my new way of thinking about food. The education provided through the program really helped me to understand how important my nutrition is for overall health, weight loss, and maintenance.”

“Before working with Brooke, I was obsessed with food. Every event I went to I worried about what to eat, how much to eat, whether I’d be able to stay on my ‘diet,’ whether I’d be able to stay away from the ‘bad’ food…UGH. I planned dinner while eating breakfast, stressing about what to fix for me and what to fix for my family. I felt deprived!! Working with Brooke gave me a sustainable lifestyle that helps me lose weight and doesn’t involve deprivation. She gave me a set of tools that make me feel strong and work for my lifestyle.”

“Brooke really makes you think about consuming ‘good’ calories without depriving yourself. It’s comforting to know that I can eat treats and never feel like I sabotaged my ‘diet’ because I think about the food choices that surround my ‘cheat’ and know that the balance is just fine.”

“I am thankful for the education this program provided. It has helped me to see how important nutrition is to maintain a healthier lifestyle and feel good about myself. I never felt like I was on a diet because I learned to make better choices not deprive myself. That mindset makes it easier to maintain good eating habits.”

“After working with Brooke, I look at food very differently. Food isn’t the enemy. My thoughts and choices are what move/motivate each result, for the good and the bad!”

“Brooke has amazing intuition and wisdom to summarize what the issues really are and come up with solutions and suggestions. She is empathic, patient, and off-the-charts kind. She is a wonderful communicator and very accommodating with your schedule. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, health, and sustainable lifestyles. After listening to me, she was able to develop a plan that works for me! Brooke is AMAZING!! Words cannot describe how grateful I am that I found her.”

I was someone who was fairly knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise (I used to be a personal trainer). And I made it my business to keep up with the literature and research on nutrition. Yet I was able to learn a lot from Brooke (especially about the role of protein in a diet). You will find her knowledge and expertise to be very helpful. The second thing I found that was very useful was the ability to talk things out with Brooke and to create a very achievable goal. I needed the accountability of a weekly meeting and the ability to talk through my frustration or impatience and keep on target to eventually reach the goal. It certainly helps a lot that Brooke is very down-to-earth, non-judgmental, an empathetic listener, and very practical. It’s great to be prepared to go on vacation and have tools to not derail all your efforts, and still enjoy yourself.”

“If you want quick results, this program isn’t for you. But if you’re willing to be patient, trust Brooke, and implement small changes, then you can be successful!”