Why This Cardiologist Likes Egg Yolks More Than “Heart Healthy” Grains | Dr. Bret Scher





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Welcome back to The Health Investment Podcast!

When cardiologist Bret Scher agreed to let me interview him, I did a happy dance. Seriously.

I’ve been following Dr. Scher for quite some time now, so when I chatted with him I was somewhat star struck!

On his website, Dr. Scher says he hopes to be “the most unique cardiologist you have ever encountered.” After listening to this ep, you’ll see why this is true!

A little bit about his background:

  • Dr. Bret Scher is board certified in adult cardiovascular diseases, adult echocardiography, and nuclear cardiology
  • He also has certifications in functional medicine, personal training, fitness nutrition, and behavior modification
  • Even though he spent years learning the invasive procedures and medications used to treat heart disease, he wants to do everything in his power to make sure those multi-billion dollar tools and drugs go unused. He wants to empower all of his patients to help themselves. To empower them to make the best-informed choices possible about everything from food to activity to sleep to stress management—every single day—because the best way to “treat” someone is to prevent the need for treatment in the first place.

Seriously, buckle your seatbelt for this 45-minute interview—and maybe even listen with a pen & paper handy! You’re gonna learn sooooo much that you’ll wanna take notes!!

Before we get to the interview, I want to share a 5-star Apple Podcast review.

Jazzyyogagirl wrote:


This podcast is off to a great start! Brooke is very authentic, the tips she gives are simple and doable, and the production quality is excellent. As an official podcast nerd, I already predict this will become one of my FAVS! Can’t wait to see where this goes…

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to leave honest Apple Podcast reviews. I truly appreciate each and every one!

Alright, time to hear from knowledgeable Dr. Bret Scher…


3:30 | How Dr. Scher transitioned from more traditional cardiologist to self-proclaimed “low-carb cardiologist”

8:16 | What “nutrition education” in med school really looks like

9:27 | Does Dr. Scher think a “keto” dietary pattern should be a short- or long-term intervention?

11:59 | What’s the role of veggies in a low-carb and/or keto diet?

12:35 | Dr. Scher’s initial reaction to the now-popular “carnivore diet”

13:14 | What does the evidence suggest about the “dangers” of consuming meat, saturated fat, and processed meat?

14:14 | Can someone be vegan + keto OR vegetarian + keto?

14:58 | Why dietdoctor.com is my absolute faaaaavorite nutrition resource

16:40 | Dr. Scher explains why many people have misinformed about the “low-carb lifestyle”

18:08 | If your cardiologist isn’t up to date on the latest nutrition research, what can you do?

20:37 | What’s the deal with cholesterol? Should we fear egg yolks? Is having “high cholesterol” bad?

27:07 | The best tests/labs to assess heart health

31:02 | Can a dietary intervention (like keto) help someone stop taking medications like statins?

33:57 | What about “time-restricted eating” (aka “intermittent fasting”)? Does Dr. Scher recommend it for some/most people?

  • Wanna learn more about intermittent fasting? I did a whole episode on it! Click here to learn allllll about the topic.

37:47 | Cardiology myths most people still believe to be true

40:20 | Dr. Scher’s opinion on whole grains: to eat or not to eat?

42:13 | What about exercise? Which type is best for heart health?

45:40 | Where can the average person go to stay on top of new medical research?

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