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Today, you’re gonna hear from Dr. Annie Fenn.

Dr. Fenn is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist specialized in menopausal health. After practicing medicine for more than 20 years in Jackson, WY, she realized that helping people change what they eat was more effective at improving health than prescribing pills or procedures. She traded her stethoscope for an apron and went back to school to study culinary arts in Mexico, Italy, and at the Culinary Institute of America.

In 2015, Dr. Fenn founded the Brain Health Kitchen, an evidence-based online resource about how and what to eat to resist cognitive decline. The Brain Health Kitchen Cooking School, founded in 2017, is the only school of its kind focused specifically on fending off Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Students learn which foods are most neuroprotective, which ones accelerate cognitive decline, and how to prepare foods using brain-friendly cooking techniques. To date, more than one thousand participants have enrolled in the hands-on cooking school.

I was having such a great time talking with Dr. Fenn that I wanted to talk to her all day! I know you’ll just LOVE this interview.

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4:28 | How Dr. Fenn started her mission to “wipe out Alzheimer’s one brain healthy recipe at a time”

8:14 | Is Alzheimer’s mostly genetic, or mostly preventable through diet and lifestyle choices?

12:08 | When someone starts to show demonstrate the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s, is there anything they can do? Or is it too late?

15:05 | Are there any early, early signs of Alzheimer’s?

16:09 | Common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s and dementia

17:32 | What should we be eating to prevent Alzheimer’s?

23:15 | What about fats and oils? Which are best?

30:57 | Where does the research stand on meat and fish? Yay or nay?

35:55 | Are tofu, soy beans, and soy products brain healthy foods?

40:00 | What are some foods we should be actively avoiding to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia?

44:46 | The healthiest way to cook foods

45:47 | Aside from diet, what are Dr. Fenn’s other lifestyle recommendations?

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