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The first time I tried Butcher’s Bone Broth, I knew that I wanted to have its creator—Thomas Odermatt—on this podcast.

Butcher’s Bone Broth is unlike any store-bought bone broth I’ve ever tried. The quality and flavor is unprecedented!

Thomas—the face behind this incredibly healthy, decadent product—is a third-generation butcher hailing from Switzerland. Growing up in his family’s award-winning butcher shop, Thomas literally has butchery in his veins. After moving to the Bay Area for college, Thomas opened Roli Roti, America’s first rotisserie food truck.

Thomas’ expertise goes far beyond just his food truck and his butchery mastery; if you ask him, he’ll always say he’s a farmer first. In fact, even as a butcher, Thomas believes in eating less meat and rather encourages just eating better quality meat and eating with the seasons. Caring deeply about agriculture and how we source our food, Thomas has established himself as a culinary fixture with long-standing relationships with some of the best chefs and farmers in the Bay Area because of his love and understanding of our food ecosystem.

He’s also one of the nicest, funniest guests I’ve had on the show, so I just know you’re going to love this interview!

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MattD2495 rated The Health Investment Podcast 5 stars and wrote:

Interesting and useful. I really enjoyed the episode on ‘gut rest’ and have since begun to implement that type of intermittent fast. It was actually really easy to do! Will give more of these episodes a listen for sure.

Thank you SO much for leaving a written review, MattD2495!

The episode on “gut rest” that he referenced was #24. In it, I interviewed Dr. Cecily Ganheart about intermittent fasting. If you haven’t already listened to that one, you’ll want to scroll through the archives and find it! Dr. Cecily has such a unique, approachable take on intermittent fasting, so it’s no wonder that her episode has become a fan favorite!

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Alright, it’s time to hear allll about bone broth from Thomas.

[One final note: The sound quality isn’t as amazing as most of my episodes. We experienced a few technical difficulties while recording, so I did my best to edit and improve the interview, but I couldn’t make it perfect! I appreciate you understanding]



4:36 | Thomas’ background and beginnings in the bone broth business

8:14 | What’s the difference between a stock and a broth?

10:52 | The health benefits of bone broth

13:19 | The old-fashioned, “almost forgotten technique” Thomas uses to make Butcher’s Bone Broth

16:13 | Which bones work best if making bone broth at home?

17:08 | The ingredients in Butcher’s Bone Broth

19:43 | Thomas’ favorite things to cook with bone broth

20:46 | Four types of bone broth

24:05 | Do you have to add vinegar to the water when making bone broth?

27:24 | Why add vegetables (like carrots) to the broth?

30:20 | Is it better to use an Instant Pot or a crock pot?

32:15 | When in the market for the best broth, what should you look for?

36:21 | Where can you buy Butcher’s Bone Broth?

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