What If Better Sleep Is Just 3 Quick Clicks Away?



  • Click #1: Purchase a remote-controlled outlet switch. Plug the switch into an outlet and your WiFi into the switch.
  • Click #2: Before you slumber each night, use the remote control to turn off your WiFi.
  • Click #3: Set your phone to “airplane” mode.
  • Since you won’t be exposed to the powerful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and radio waves that accompany WiFi and cell phone usage, you’ll experience cleaner, better sleep. Voila!

That’s right! You can experience better sleep in just three quick clicks! Here’s how:

Click #1: Purchase a remote-controlled outlet switch.

This is the one I bought:

Plug the switch into an outlet and your WiFi into the switch.

Click #2: Before bed each night, use the remote control to turn off your WiFi.

Keep reading for an explanation as to why it’s important to sleep WiFi-free…

Click #3: Set your phone to “Airplane” mode.

Keep reading to learn why it’s important to sleep free from cellular radio waves…

That’s it! When you make those clicks part of your nightly routine, you’ll likely fall asleep quicker, stop tossing and turning, and wake up feeling refreshed! And who doesn’t want better sleep, right??

How/why do these 3 clicks lead to better sleep?

The three-click process relates to three little letters: E. M. F.

In our constantly plugged-in world, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are increasingly difficult to avoid. According to the World Health Organization (WHO):

Exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new phenomenon. However, during the 20th century, environmental exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields has been steadily increasing as growing electricity demand, ever-advancing technologies and changes in social behaviour have created more and more artificial sources. Everyone is exposed to a complex mix of weak electric and magnetic fields, both at home and at work . . .

EMF Sources
Image source

Since continual exposure to EMFs is a relatively new reality in the grand scheme of human existence, research is ongoing. Consider this additional statement by the WHO:

It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects. Experiments with healthy volunteers indicate that short-term exposure at the levels present in the environment or in the home do not cause any apparent detrimental effects. Exposures to higher levels that might be harmful are restricted by national and international guidelines. The current debate is centred on whether long-term low level exposure can evoke biological responses and influence people’s well being . . .

Some members of the public have attributed a diffuse collection of symptoms to low levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields at home. Reported symptoms include headaches, anxiety, suicide and depression, nausea, fatigue and loss of libido. To date, scientific evidence does not support a link between these symptoms and exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Even though definitive results are still not available, researchers continue to study extremely low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) radiation, as well as possible long-term effects of EMFs on the human body:

ELF and RF Radiation Health Risks
Image source

By now, we should all know that sleep is one of the most important factors of good health:

Sleep, it turns out, may play a crucial role in our brain’s physiological maintenance. As your body sleeps, your brain is quite actively playing the part of mental janitor: It’s clearing out all of the junk that has accumulated as a result of your daily thinking.

Thus, if there’s even a slight possibility that EMFs and radio waves (from WiFi and cell phones) are disturbing our sleep, we must solve this problem!

Already sleep like a baby? The three-click process is still a good idea.

In episode #178 of the Wellness Mama Podcast, Dr. Amy Munro explains:

In my career as a pediatrician, I have seen changes, especially I would say in the last five years, that really our conventional thought has no explanation for.

The defenders of the telecom industry and technology will point out that there is no preponderance of proof on these studies. And it’s true that the results are mixed. Henry Lai, a professor at the University of Washington, did an analysis of studies, and overall, there was about a 56% rate that show that EMFs are harmful and a 44% rate that show that they are not. If you break it down by funding [and] take out the ones that are funded by industry, it will show you that about 67% are harmful and 28% are not harmful.

So, even if you’re sleeping deeply through the night, you’re still being exposed to potentially harmful EMFs. Give your brain the chance to cleanse, reset, and recharge free from unnecessary EMF bombardment!

My personal reflection on the three-click process…

I purchased an outlet switch and have been turning off my WiFi and setting my phone to “airplane” mode for about a year. Truly, I have never slept deeper or better. I still wake up at least once a night to use the bathroom, but I do so (almost exactly) six hours after I’ve fallen asleep. Accident? I think not! Likely, it’s because my body in now able to engage in deeper REM sleep.

No matter how much sleep I used to get, I’d wake up feeling groggy and sluggish. And, no matter how tired I was or what time I went to bed, I’d wake up multiple times each night. Now I’m noticeably more alert in the morning. Falling–and staying!–asleep has never been easier.

Think it’s all in my head? Possibly! I don’t have proof that my WiFi’s EMFs and cell’s radio waves were affecting my sleep quality–only conviction! I will say this: It’s much more difficult for me to fall asleep on the nights my husband is still awake using the Internet or watching our Smart TV, and it’s much tougher for me to sleep in when he’s awake early and–you guessed it!–using the Internet or watching our Smart TV!

Bottom line: The three-click process works like a charm for me, so you may want to try it out for yourself! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂 

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