Nontoxic Makeup Exists…And It’s Incredible!


All makeup may look the same, but don’t be fooled…it isn’t! Some products and brands are filled with unsafe ingredients.

Let’s consider the ingredients in Max Factor’s “False Lash Effect 24 Hour Bold Volume Mascara.” Environmental Working Group (EWG) rated this product a 7 on its scale of 0-10 (0 being the least toxic, 10 being the most) in its Skin Deep database. It contains a slew of likely unsafe ingredients, one of which is propylparaben. Propylparaben has been linked to endocrine disruption, meaning it’s a chemical that may  “produce adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological, and immune effects . . .” Thus, your little ol’ bottle of mascara may seem harmless, but it could be negatively impacting your health!

Good news: Completely nontoxic makeup exists, and it’s just as amazing as your trusted favorites!

That’s right! Thank goodness we’re living in 2018 and have an assortment of nontoxic makeup alternatives to choose from. These are my favorite brands and products…

1. W3ll People

All of W3ll (pronounced “well”) People’s products are rated ≤2 on Skin Deep, and most of them are EWG-verified. EWG-verified is one of the most trusted ratings for cosmetics and skincare:

There are other marks on the market, but none like EWG VERIFIED™. It’s the only mark backed by EWG’s reputation, scientific rigor and 14 years of experience in product evaluations – evaluations that you already count on and that are recognized worldwide. Our team of scientists – toxicologists, chemists and epidemiologists – scrutinizes every product so you can be sure that a product bearing the EWG VERIFIED™ symbol meets our strictest standards. And most importantly, EWG VERIFIED™ is 100 percent transparent about our criteria and our evaluations. You know exactly what we’re looking for in products because we tell you.

My favorite EWG-verified products by W3ll People are their concealer and brightener stick, but they make many more!

2. Physician’s Formula

Many of Physician’s Formula’s products are rated ≤2 on Skin Deep, and you can find them at great prices in many drug stores! (You can also find their products on Amazon if you like that extra convenience factor!)

My favorite product is their organic mascara.

3. Ilia Beauty

Ilia Beauty is my go-to brand for lipstick. Their lip products score a 2 rating on Skin Deep.

My favorite color is Arabian Knights.

4. Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella makes mascaras, perfumes, blushes, bronzers, and more, most of which are rated ≤2.

My favorite product of theirs is bronzer.

5. Mineral Fusion

Finally, Mineral Fusion is a fantastic brand for just about any cosmetics. Like W3ll People, many of their products are EWG-verified.

Their EWG-verified 3-in-1 color stick is the best!

There you have it! Completely nontoxic makeup is just a click away! Want a product that isn’t listed above? Visit one of the brand’s sites or search on Amazon. They make hundreds of amazing items!

Pro tip: Brands change their product formulations often, so I always check Skin Deep before I buy a new item.

Bottom line: Sneaky, unsafe ingredients are hiding in your makeup bag. Invest in better products by companies like W3ll People, Physician’s Formula, Ilia Beauty, Ecco Bella, and Mineral Fusion!

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Infographic about nontoxic makeup