Hi, I’m Brooke Simonson, founder of The Health Investment and Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach.

My #1 goal is to teach you how to get healthy for good—without the BS!

To learn how to swap the bullsh*t (like calorie counting & dieting) for a plan that ACTUALLY works, click here 🙂 

I haven’t always been a full-time coach…

In fact, just last year (and 11 years prior!) I was working with teenage boys on their reading & writing skills.

I thought teaching high school English was my dream job…but I was wrong!

For most of my adult life, I couldn’t figure out bought into the idea that getting healthy and losing weight involved some combo of time-sucking, soul-crushing activities (aka bullsh*t!).

You name it, I tried it:

  • Expensive juice cleanses
  • Never-ending gym sessions
  • Calorie counting apps
  • Restrictive diets (I’m sorry, but I like food too much to cut out entire categories!)
  • Deprivation
  • Ironclad self-control
  • Willpower
  • …. *insert eye roll emoji*

These BS tactics wore me out.

And none of them ACTUALLY worked long-term.

No matter what I tried, I was still 10-20 pounds overweight, bloated, constantly hungry (more like “hangry”), exhausted, and unsatisfied. 

Refusing to accept the fact that borderline misery was a necessary evil to my “healthy” existence, I became determined to find a better way.

I began what I thought was a shallow dive into nutrition/health research but ended up diving soooo deep that I quit my job as a high school English teacher to become a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach! 

After years of experimenting on myself and soaking up allllll of the info I possibly could from medical journals, podcasts, articles, and coursework through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, I finally figured out what ACTUALLY works.

Now, I’m able to effortlessly maintain my ideal weight and feel fabulous, which is why I founded The Health Investment and left my career as an English teacher become a full-time health coach.

If you’re ready to get healthy for good without the BS, click here 🙂

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Stay WELLthy,



Thomas' and my NYE 2018 wedding was one for the books!
Thomas’ and my NYE 2018 wedding was one for the books!
In Ireland for my brother-in-law's wedding.
In Ireland for my brother-in-law’s wedding.
In Rhode Island with my gingham-loving sidekick and niece.
In Rhode Island with my gingham-loving sidekick and niece.