Hi! I’m Brooke, Virtual Nutritionist & Podcast Host

Picture of Brooke Simonson, health coach for busy professionals, drinking wine on a NYC rooftop.

I help people lose 15+ pounds, gain health, and sustain their results while enjoying food & life!

[not counting calories/points, restricting entire food groups, “detoxing,” or other BS…]


I haven’t always been a nutritionist…

In fact, just last year—and 11 years before that!—I was a high school English teacher.

I planned to teach themes, commas, and essay structure forever, but you know how life goes. It has a crazy way of steering you in different directions!

Allow me to explain…

In my early 20s, I was always 15-20 pounds overweight, hungry (more like *hangry*), fatigued, and bloated.

And I always felt just “meh”—never awesome.

Since I was eating what I thought were healthy foods, counting calories, and working out 6-7x/week, I chalked up my symptoms to “aging.”

Sometimes I’d lose a few pounds and feel a bit better, but no matter how much weight I lost and how many tactics I tried, I always gained the lbs back and returned to feeling hangry, fatigued, bloated, and “meh.”

Me in 2009, age 25
Me in 2009, age 25
Me in 2020, age 35
Me in 2020, age 35

One fateful day, my TV didn’t work on a cross-country flight. Fortunately, my husband had an extra book on hand!

The book was Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich.

Vinnie is a celebrity trainer and health guru. After a scary bout with cancer, he decided to write Fitness Confidential and start a podcast to spread his “no sugars, no grains” message to the masses.


To be honest, I thought Vinnie’s approach to health & weight loss was cray cray…but I was bored! I read the book cover to cover in 5 hours.

Each page, my curiosity piqued.

As the plane touched down, I told my husband I was gonna try “no sugars, no grains” (or as Vinnie calls it, “NSNG”)—cause what did I have to lose, besides those pesky extra pounds?? 

After about 3 months, I’d lost 20 pounds, my hanger had completely disappeared, I had more energy than ever, and bloat was a thing of my past.

After just 3 months, I. FINALLY. FELT. AWESOME.

The best part? My results have lasted! At age 35, I feel 10x better than I did at 25.

I no longer follow Vinnie’s advice to a T, but discovering his approach marked a monumental shift for me…

I started to question my previous assumptions about nutrition & health, reading and soaking up as much info as I could from other books, medical journals, and podcasts.

Wanting to learn even more, I enrolled in the Institute of Transformational Nutrition. Less than a year after graduating, I quit my teaching job to pursue my new passion: nutrition & weight loss coaching!

Now, I help people like YOU lose 15+ pounds, gain health, and sustain their results while enjoying happy hour, ice cream, and pizza Fridays!

With my guidance, clients have been able to:

—Lose 15+ pounds (and keep ‘em off!) while eating their favorite foods

—3x their energy

—Develop a healthy body image and make peace with food

—Sustain a nutrient-dense diet long-term

—Prep tasty meals in under 10 minutes

—Reduce cravings for sugar, refined grains, and processed foods

—Save hundreds on healthy groceries

—Stop doing exercises they hate

—Show up as the healthiest versions of themselves for the ones they love

—Improve their sleep, outlook, and mood

—Boost their gut health and decrease bloating

—Reduce their risk for chronic illnesses (like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and dementia)

If you’re ready to lose weight and gain the awesome health you deserve—while enjoying food & life!—tap here to book a FREE call! 🙂

XO, Brooke

Picture of Brooke Simonson, health coach for busy professionals, on her wedding day.
Thomas’ and my NYE 2018 wedding was one for the books!
Picture of Brooke Simonson, nutritionist, at a wedding in Ireland with her family.
Enjoying wine on a rooftop in NYC, my favorite city!
Picture of Brooke Simonson, health coach for busy professionals, holding her niece.
In Rhode Island with my gingham-loving sidekick and niece.