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Sick of following diets, “detoxes,” and meal plans that have stricter rules than your middle school dance?!

I’m guessing you’ve lost the same 5, 10, or even 15+ pounds more times than you’ve Googled “Covid vs. cold symptoms”…

but no matter how much you work and how healthy you eat, you still don’t have the physique, health, energy, or confidence you crave.

You’d give your left arm to slide effortlessly into your skinny jeans, prefer blueberries over Ben & Jerry’s, and have the energy to cook salmon instead of DoorDash-ing pizza…

but at this point, winning the Mega Millions feels more likely than attaining your goal weight and eating healthy long-term.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place…and your solution is finally here!

When clients first come to me, permanently crossing “lose weight” off their to-do list feels like a distant dream, but after just a few weeks in one of my programs, they start to realize that dropping those pesky pounds for good doesn’t have to be terrible or difficult!!


Certified Nutrition Coach specializing in evidence-based, sustainable weight loss.

If it seems like I really understand what you’re going through, it’s because I do. I’ve been in your shoes!

After college, I moved to NYC (exciting!) and began what would turn into a 12-year teaching career...but I also gained ~20 pounds (not exciting).

Desperate to lose the weight, keep it off, and show up as the healthiest, BEST version of myself, I hopped from diet to exercise program to supplement to detox…

but anytime I lost 5-10 pounds, I always gained ’em back.

Even though I spent my days restricting carbs and sugar, elliptical-ing, summoning willpower, and rationing snacks…

all I had to show for it was stubborn belly fat, 4pm energy crashes, a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit, and crazy intense cravings.

Me at 25, feeling sluggish, frustrated that my clothes didn't fit, and self-conscious in photos
Me at 25, feeling sluggish, frustrated that my clothes didn’t fit, and self-conscious in photos
Me at 36, FINALLY feeling like my trimmest, healthiest, most energized, most confident self!
Me at 36, FINALLY feeling like my trimmest, healthiest, most energized, most confident self!

Frustrated and confused (but refusing to give up!), I turned to books, podcasts, and scholarly articles. As I learned more and more about nutrition science and psychology, I sloooowly put the pieces together and realized where I’d been going wrong.

Once I understood the how’s and why’s behind evidence-based behaviors and mindset shifts, I was finally able to adopt sustainable habits that worked for my unique likes, dislikes, and time constraints!

This nuanced, personalized approach to weight loss/maintenance allowed me to STOP turning to external “solutions” (diets, meal replacement bars/shakes, 21-day cleanses, etc.) and START showing up as the trimmest, healthiest, most energized, most confident version of myself!

Looking and feeling my best finally felt easy! It was mind-blowing!!


Most people (for years, myself included!) think there’s some defective, broken piece within them that’s preventing their desired results…

but the problem lies within the diets/programs you’ve tried that haven’t helped you adopt science-backed nutrition & lifestyle habits that work for your unique likes, dislikes, and time constraints.

(Yup, you read that right! Diets/programs have failed YOU, not the other way around!!)

Adopting evidence-based habits that work for you = the key to lasting success!

Wanting to take my newfound hobby to the next level, I enrolled in the Institute of Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Nutrition Coach.

Around the same time, my husband and I decided to move from NYC to California to be closer to family. This fresh start meant I had a choice to make: get another teaching job or build my own nutrition coaching business. 

Spoiler alert: I chose the latter!

Now, I coach clients full-time in my group and 1:1 programs. If you’re ready to achieve your body composition, nutrition, and health goals without restrictive food rules, juice cleanses, exercises you hate, or meal replacement shakes, I’d ❤️ to work with you:

…OR just send me a good ol’ fashioned email:

Brooke Simonson, Online Nutrition Coach
Enjoying wine on a rooftop in NYC, my favorite city!
Picture of Brooke Simonson, health coach for busy professionals, on her wedding day.
Thomas’ and my NYE 2018 wedding was one for the books!
Picture of Brooke Simonson, health coach for busy professionals, holding her niece.
Vacationing in Rhode Island with my gingham-loving sidekick and niece.