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Hi! I’m Brooke—Nutrition Coach specializing in evidence-based, sustainable fat loss.

If just one of these statements rings true…

  • I eat healthy during the week but overindulge on weekends
  • I’ve lost weight dieting, but it always comes back
  • I feel super “snacky” between meals and after dinner, regardless of how much I eat
  • Habits that worked before don’t work anymore
  • I don’t feel comfortable in shorts, swimsuits, or photos
  • Due to kids, Covid, and/or (peri)menopause, I’ve gained weight and lack energy + confidence

…I’d love to work with you!

Unlike restrictive, one-size-fits-all diets and programs that only provide short-term results, I help you adopt science-backed nutrition & lifestyle habits that work for your unique likes, dislikes, and time constraints so you can lose weight permanently, have high energy throughout the day, feel completely in control of cravings, and stick with healthy habits long-term!

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