Tips For Getting Picky Youngsters To Eat Veggies & Try New Foods | Ayelet Goldhaber

EPISODE 81 | Ayelet Goldhaber is a New York based Registered Dietitian specializing in pediatric and family-focused nutrition. She believes that creating a nurturing and pleasant eating environment is KEY for maximizing nutrition and fostering healthy attitudes surrounding food. Ayelet focuses on implementing strategies to meet each client’s unique and individualized nutrition goals, from newborn to young adult and whole family. She practices “family style counseling,” an approach to counseling taking into consideration all of the factors going on in one’s life. She currently has a virtual private practice where she sees clients from all across the country! In the episode, Ayelet shares common misconceptions about feeding babies, toddlers, and kids; creative ways to introduce new foods (and vegetables!) to picky eaters, her thoughts on all of the fried food on kids’ menus…and more! Enjoy!!


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  • What’s your story? (Specifically, what led you to become a registered dietician? To focus on kids’ nutrition?)
  • What are the most common misconceptions parents have about what they should be feeding their kids?
  • When it comes to feeding kids, what are some of the biggest mistakes parents make?
  • What are your top tips for helping parents deal with picky eaters? Does every kid go through a picky eating stage?
  • What are some strategies to introduce new foods to kids?
  • How can parents get their kids to eat more veggies? Any tricks?
  • How do you feel about parents *sneaking* fruits and veggies into kids’ meals?
  • How much protein do kids need? What are some of the best ways to get them to eat more protein?
  • Should kids be drinking milk? Alternative milks? Juice?
  • Is it okay to give kids the same foods every day?
  • Do kids need snacks?
  • Do you recommend any type of supplementation, like a multivitamin?
  • How does the childhood obesity epidemic factor into your philosophy?




Image of happy child eating vegetables below title - Tips For Getting Picky Youngsters To Eat Veggies And Try New Foods