Back, Knee, Or Neck Pain? Time To Strengthen Your Deep Core + Pelvic Floor! | Erica Ziel

EPISODE 101 | Erica Ziel is a mom of three, an FDN Practitioner, a certified personal trainer and Pilates instructor, a health and nutrition coach, AND a core exercise and pre/postnatal exercise specialist whose mission is to help women live a healthier life and heal their body through movement, wellness, intuition, and breath work. She’s morphed her education with her constant finding of research and hands-on approach to teaching female clients. Erica is passionate about education surrounding wellness and taking a holistic approach to healing our bodies. She wants to inspire women to regain not only hope, but also experience true, life-lasting results. Erica is the founder and creator of Core Athletica®, The Core Rehab Program, Knocked-Up Fitness® prenatal membership, instruction trainer courses, and host of The Core Connections Podcast. She believes that anything you want to improve about your health and life, you can! In the episode, Erica shares how deep core and pelvic floor strengthening can improve things like back and knee pain, why kegels don’t work, what we should be doing INSTEAD of kegels…and more! Enjoy!!


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  • What’s your story/background? (Specifically, what led you to become a “deep core exercise specialist”?)
  • Is the “deep core” the same thing as the “pelvic floor”?
  • What is our deep core, and how do we care for it? 
  • Do the same strategies work for everyone? Are there stretches or exercises that everyone should be doing to strengthen their deep core?
  • What conditions can pelvic floor strengthening and therapy treat?
  • How can someone know if their pelvic floor isn’t strong enough? Can you have pelvic floor issues without even knowing?
  • How does our pelvic floor health affect our overall health?
  • Who’s at risk for suboptimal pelvic floor health? Is it only women who’ve given birth, or is it also anyone who sits at a desk all day?
  • How common are pelvic floor issues in women? In men?
  • Are there commonly recommended exercises that don’t actually work very well? (“Kegels” come to mind…do those actually work?)
  • What are some common misconceptions about pelvic floor strengthening/health that really irk you?
  • What if someone is many years postpartum and hasn’t gone for therapy yet? Is it ever too late?


image of woman in pain below title - Back, Knee, Or Neck Pain? Time To Strengthen Your Deep Core + Pelvic Floor!